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Yaron Klein
Yaron Klein Profile
Associate Professor of Arabic
Chair of Middle Eastern Languages
Senior Lecturer in Oud
Zaki Haidar, Lecturer in Arabic
Zaki Haidar Profile
Lecturer in Arabic
Off Campus: Fall 2018

Office Hours: Monday 3:30-4:30, Thursday 1:30-2:30 pm; and by appointment

I bring to my learning and teaching of Arabic the filial love inherent to ibn al-lugha (child of the language), but also the appreciation of the difficulty of learning this language as a young adult. My father is Lebanese and my mother American, and I was born in Beirut.  Technically, Arabic was my first language. As a very young child in Beirut, the first syllables I uttered were in spoken Arabic, but after my family left Lebanon our home language switched entirely to English. Arabic was a continued, spectral presence--the names of foods we often ate, a couple of less-than-polite expressions--but I lost all ability to communicate in Arabic.  However I became drawn to the field of literature, and some Arabic novels in translation that I read convinced me that I needed to commit myself to learning the language after graduation from UC Santa Cruz. That commitment took me first to night classes at a community college, and then to Beirut, before studying at Princeton University, the American University of Cairo, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Here at Carleton I teach courses in Arabic language, both formal and colloquial, and courses on Arabic literature. I love teaching this language, and helping to guide a deeply committed and close-knit community of language learners to master something so seemingly distant from their experiences and life histories. The language learning path that I took informs my teaching, and helps remind me (and the students), that this is something doable.  Not only that, but the riches of both the Arabic language and Arab cultures are well worth the effort. 


Asmaa Yazidi Alaoui
Asmaa Yazidi Alaoui
Arabic Language Associate

I am Asmaa Yazidi Alaoui. I am an ambitious girl from Eastern Morocco who chose to run after her dreams, and finally wound up in the United States of America. I hold an MA in “Culture, Animation and Artistic Creativity” from the Faculty of Education in Rabat. My journey in this MA program led me to discover many wonderful experiences, ranging from meeting people from all over the world to promoting mutual understanding between other nations. I am an environmental activist, as well as an active member in many clubs and associations. I love nature, hanging out with friends, traveling, music, art and new experiences. I am so privileged to be a Fulbright FLTA at Carleton, to share my passion for the Arabic language, as well as poetry, and Moroccan culture.

Jean Sherwin
Jean Sherwin
Administrative Assistant in Asian Languages and Literatures
Administrative Assistant in Classics
Administrative Assistant in Middle Eastern Languages