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Studio Art Course Application Form

Read all instructions CAREFULLY before completing:


****You only need to complete ONE FORM*****

  • For fall term 2014, forms are due June 4, 8 am. Notification will be sent within a few days regarding admission to classes. Students must register before leaving campus for break to assure a spot will be held in the class.
  • If you are applying for more than one course, please list them in order of importance to you. COMPLETE THIS FORM ONLY ONCE.
  • Do not waitlist for a studio art class without proper prerequisites. You must have prerequisites for all 200 or 300 level studio art classes. See the catalog or check with instructor.
  • The studio art department has a goal of filling each course with a 50–50 combination of majors and non-majors. We will use the priority order of registration as well as the required prerequisites to achieve this goal.
  • Please apply using only this form. Send no additional materials. Do not include work samples. Please do not send additional email, either before or after the notification that there is or is not space for you in the course. We will take waitlisted students in order if space opens at the start of the course.

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