The Art History Major

Requirements for a Major

Art History: 72 credits including:

  • the seminar for art history majors (ARTH 298)
  • the integrative exercise (ARTH 400)
  • two six-credit Studio Art courses
  • 48 elective credits in Art History, including
    • at least six credits in non-Western art history
    • at least six credits in art history of the western tradition before 1800
    • at least six credits in art history of the western tradition after 1800
    • at least one 300-level seminar.

Art History majors are encouraged to take advantage of off-campus study programs. No more than two art history courses taken outside of the department can be counted toward the major. Occasionally one course in a related department such as Cinema and Media Studies or Classics may count as an elective toward the major.

Course Offerings

Certain courses in the major are offered every year, with ARTH 101 each fall, ARTH 102 each winter, ARTH 298 each spring, and ARTH 400 scheduled individually by each senior major. Beyond this there is no reliable pattern for when courses will be taught. Each year the department seeks to offer courses at a range of different levels and spanning a variety of subject areas. At least one course--and usually more--in each elective distribution category will be offered every year but not necessarily in any given term. Note that A&I seminars and OCS courses can count toward the major as electives but cannot fulfill any distribution requirements within the major. Certain courses, especially 300-level seminars, are offered only rarely, but the following courses, listed by distribution category, are generally offered once every two to three years.

Non-Western Art History

ARTH 140: African Art and Culture
ARTH 164: Buddhist Art
ARTH 165: Japanese Art and Culture
ARTH 166: Chinese Art and Culture
ARTH 209: Chinese Painting
ARTH 220: Gender and Genre in the Floating World: Japanese Prints

Art History of the Western Tradition before 1800

ARTH 170: Printmaking: The First Media Revolution
ARTH 223: Women in Art
ARTH 233: Van Eyck, Bosch, Bruegel: Their Visual Culture
ARTH 234: Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 238: Rembrandt, Vermeer and Netherlandish Art

Art History of the Western Tradition after 1800

ARTH 160: American Art to 1940
ARTH 172: Modern Art: 1895-1940
ARTH 222: History of Photography
ARTH 240: Art Since 1945
ARTH 245: Modern Architecture
ARTH 247: Architecture Since 1950
ARTH 286: Legacies of the Avant-Garde      

Class listings for the coming year may be found at the registrar's site.