The Studio Art Major

Course Requirements

The studio art major course requirements are located in the academic catalog and are listed below the requirements for Art History on the catalog pages.


For studio art, all 200-level classes require a pre-requisite class. Observational drawing may be used as a pre-requisite for ALL 200-level classes. Introduction to Sculpture may be used as a pre-requisite for 200-level ceramics and metals classes as well as 300-level sculpture and woodworking classes.

Integrative Exercise ("Comps")

The studio comps consists of an independent studio project which runs from the beginning of fall term through an exhibition in the Perlman Teaching Museum in the second half of spring term. Students register for six credits of Integrative Exercise in fall term. Most of the requirements are fulfilled during fall. The process gives the opportunity to develop art work over a good period of time, with the close advice and support of the studio faculty. The full group of studio faculty conduct a series of individual meetings with students to offer guidance and feedback. Students are also encouraged to work closely with individual faculty members. The department brings in a least one outside examiner to critique student work.

Art Education

Students are able to complete their training and certification for teaching during the completion of the Studio Art major. No specific art education courses are taught within the Studio Art Department. Students seeking certification must complete the required courses within the Educational Studies Department, including observed student teaching within the public schools and a course in methods of teaching art.

Studio Art Comps

An overview of the comprehensive exercise