May 18

Drawing in the Expanded Field

From site: Gould Library Exhibitions

Friday, May 18th, 2018
Gould Library Rookery

“Through the course of the twentieth century, the liberation of line occurred hand in hand with the breakaway from the containment of sculpture in space, and the reinvention of that (social) space.”

-Catherine De Zegher

Drawing EF 

This exhibition attempts to highlight what drawing is and may become through a compilation of student work. To begin to understand the field of drawing, two questions come to mind.

     1. Is drawing a noun or a verb; is it constituted by the object produced or the action one takes to make it?

     2. Is the essence of drawing captured in representation or mediation?

This exhibit attempts to show the diversity and varied means of re-presentation and translation which capture the essence of drawing. Through protrusion  into 3D space, the use of unconventional mediums, and a focus on the process of making marks, drawing may be redefined.


Drawing in the Expanded Field 



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