Jan 10

Jana Pullman show opens

Minnesota Book Artist of the Year, Jana Pullman, will discuss her work at the opening reception of her show in Boliou Gallery.

Thursday, January 10th, 2013
5:00 – 6:30 pm / Boliou Gallery

Jana Pullman was just named as 2013  Minnesota Book Artist of the Year.

Pullman’s business, Western Slope Bindery (named for her geographic origins in Utah), is dedicated to all aspects of book art, from binding new books to restoring old books. Some of the books that come into her able hands are very old indeed.

“I worked on a book printed in 1535 that had been rebound in the 18th century and then repaired again in the 19th century,” she said in an interview. “The last repair was not done well and caused more damaged to the pages. All of the pages had separated along the folds and had to be mended together, resewn and a new binding made. I then made a storage box for the book and the old cover so the history of what this book had been through could be save along with the book.”

Sponsored by Art and Art History. Contact: Patt Germann