"Lifelike" at the Walker includes David Lefkowitz's work

February 16, 2012

David's work is among the work of featured artists in “Lifelike” at the Walker Art Center Feb. 25-May 27. The exhibit invites a close examination of artworks based on commonplace objects and situations. David is represented by selections from his “Fixtures” series of small trompe d’oeil paintings of wall sockets, thermostats, security monitors and other curious artifacts resembling those found in almost every structure built since the advent of electricity.  The paintings, hidden in plain view, are scattered throughout the exhibit and other nooks and crannies throughout the Walker Art Center.

The works, which are startlingly realistic, are part of the international, multi-generational group exhibition which surveys more than 90 works from the 1960s to the present and includes more than 50 artists.

David will present a gallery talk April 19 at 7 pm.

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