Off-Campus Programs for Studio Art and Art History Majors

Studio Art in the South Pacific - Contemplating the Fall [crop]

The Art & Art History Department has a long tradition of offering Carleton off-campus study (OCS) programs that visit many parts of the globe. We strongly encourage students to consider the wide variety of possible OCS programs. Most of our majors study off-campus at least once. Some students receive Studio Art or Art History credits from off-campus programs and others pursue interests unrelated to these majors. In addition, we eagerly welcome and encourage non-majors to participate in all the OCS programs we offer.

Upcoming off-campus programs sponsored by Carleton (and the ACM) that offer credits toward the Art History and Studio Art majors appear below, but many other programs and direct-enrollment opportunities also exist. Carleton’s Office of Off-Campus Studies provides a very helpful resource with information about a vast range of programs.

Other Carleton off-campus programs offering major credits:

  • Cross Cultural Psychology in Prague (Fall 2016)
  • Spanish Studies in Madrid (Fall 2016 & Fall 2017)
  • Cinema and Cultural Change in Chile and Argentina (December 2016)
  • New Media in Europe (Winter 2017)
  • Visions of California: Searching for the Golden State (Winter 2017)
  • French Studies in Paris (Spring 2017)

ACM off-campus programs offering major credits:

  • Chicago: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies
  • Florence: Arts, Humanities, & Culture
  • London & Florence: Arts in Context