Art and Art History

ARTH 164 Buddhist Art

ARTH 165 Japanese Art and Culture

ARTH 166 Chinese Art and Culture

ARTH 209 Chinese Painting

ARTH 220 Gender and Genre in the Floating World: Japanese Prints

ARTH 320 Japanese Theater: Visualize Narrative Across Media

ARTH 321Arts of the Chinese Scholar's Studio 

Asian Languages

ASLN 111 Writing Systems

ASLN 237 Tao of Wisdom in Asian Literature

ASLN 260 Historical Linguistics

CHIN 115 The Taoist Way of Health and Longevity: Taichi and Other Forms

CHIN 206 Chinese in Cultural Context

CHIN 207 Chinese Studies Seminar in Tianjin: Chinese Language

CHIN 212 Chinese Studies Seminar in Tianjin Program: Chinese Culture

CHIN 235 Beauty, Good, and Evil in Chinese Literature

CHIN 248 The Structure of Chinese

CHIN 282 Chinese Studies Seminar in Tianjin: Chinese Civilization

CHIN 347 Advanced Readings in Contemporary Chinese Prose: Newspapers

CHIN 348 Advanced Chinese: The Mass Media

CHIN 349 Advanced Chinese: Social Commentary

CHIN 355 Contemporary Chinese Short Stories and Film

CHIN 356 Modern and Contemporary Women Writers

CHIN 357 Advanced Chinese: Contemporary Social Issues

CHIN 358 Chinese Idiom Stories

CHIN 360 Classical Chinese

JAPN 230 Topics in Pre-Modern Literature

JAPN 231 Japanese Cinema in Translation

JAPN 232 Autobiography in Modern Japan

JAPN 234 Modern Japanese Novel in Translation: Mothers/Daughters; Fathers/Sons

JAPN 235 Contemporary Japanese Women in Translation: Bad Girls

JAPN 236 Classical Japanese Fiction: The Tale of Genji and Its World

JAPN 237 Literature and Arts of Japan 1333-1868

JAPN 240 Literature and Society of Modern Japan in Translation

JAPN 242 Japanese Poetry

JAPN 243 The Other in Modern Japanese Literature and Society in translation

JAPN 344 Advanced Writing: Contemporary Prose

JAPN 345 Advanced Readings in Modern Japanese Literature: The Short Story

JAPN 346 Advanced Reading in Modern Japanese Literature: Poetry and Drama

JAPN 347 Advanced Reading in Modern Japanese Prose: Newspapers

JAPN 348 Advanced Japanese Conversation and Composition

JAPN 349 Advanced Readings in Contemporary Japanese Prose

JAPN 351 Advanced Japanese through Documentary Film

JAPN 352 Advanced Japanese through Manga and Contemporary Materials

Asian Studies

ASST 284 Linguistics Seminar: History and Culture of Japan

Cross Cultural Studies

CCST 210 Global/Local Perspectives


ECON 240 Microeconomics of Development

ECON 241 Growth and Development


ENGL 245 Bollywood Nation

ENGL 250 Modern Indian Fiction

ENGL 251 Contemporary Indian Fiction

ENGL 252 Caribbean Fiction

ENGL 335 England in India/India in England 

ENGL 395 Rushdie


HIST 100 The Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966-1976

HIST 110 Chinese Revolution of 1949

HIST 150 History of Modern Korea

HIST 151 Modern Japan

HIST 152 History of Early China

HIST 153 History of Modern China

HIST 160 Classical India

HIST 161 History of Modern India

HIST 167 History of Modern South Asia

HIST 252 China and Its Neighbors, ca. 1200-1800

HIST 253: Bureaucracy, Law, and Religion in East Asia

HIST 254 Colonialism in East Asia

HIST 255 Print Culture and Nationalism in East Asia

HIST 259  Women in South Asia: Histories, Narratives and Representation

HIST 262 Post Colonial South Asia, 1947 - present

HIST 263 Disease, Medicine and Empire

HIST 265 Central Asia in the Modern Age

HIST 266 History of Islam in India

HIST 353 Intellectuals and the State Power in East Asia

HIST 360 Muslims and Modernity


LING 285 Linguistics Seminar: The Linguistics of the Japanese Writing System

LING 286 Linguistics Seminar: The Structure of Japanese


MUSC 180J Raga: Vocal or Instrumental Study of Hindustani Music

MUSC 180 Raga: Vocal or Instrumental Study of Hindustani Music

MUSC 181 Sitar

MUSC 182J Chinese Musical Instruments (Juried)

MUSC 182 Chinese Musical Instruments

MUSC 248 Music of India

MUSC 282 Chinese Musical Instruments

MUSC 280 Raga: Vocal or Instrumental Study of Hindustani Music

MUSC 281 Sitar

MUSC 282 Chinese Musical Instruments

Political Science

POSC 170 International Relations and World Politics

POSC 237 Southeast Asian Politics

POSC 239 The Diplomat’s Craft: Three Case Studies

POSC 241 Ethnic Conflict

POSC 248 The US-China Relationship

POSC 253 Marxist Political Thought

POSC 264 Politics of Contemporary China

PSC 283 Separatist Movement

POSC 326 America’s China Policy

POSC 329 Vietnam, Iraq and American Policy*

POSC 345 Guerillas, Warlords and Bandits: The Art of Asymmetric War*

POSC 378 Social Change in Southeast Asia

POSC 379 Field Research Experiences and Methods

POSC 392 Diversity in Social Ecological Systems in Southeast Asia


RELG 100 Imagining Home: Religions in Diaspora

RELG 122 Muhammad and the Qur'an: Introduction to Islam

RELG 123 The Qur'an

RELG 150 Religions of South Asia

RELG 151 Religion in Chinese Culture

RELG 152 Religion in Japanese Culture

RELG 153 Introduction to Buddhism

RELG 155 Hinduism: An Introduction

RELG 233 Saints, Goddesses and Whores: Sex, Gender and Religion in Christianity and Hinduism

RELG 237 Yoga

RELG 245 Buddha

RELG 250 Buddhism and Ecology 

RELG 251 Theravada Buddhism

RELG 252 Mahabharata: The Hindu Book of Peace and War

RELG 253 Tibetan Buddhism

RELG 254 Zen Buddhism

RELG 255 Social Engagement in Asian Religions

RELG 256 Modern Hinduism: Encounters with the West

RELG 257 Shari'a

RELG 259 Gandhi

RELG 260 Tantra: Secrecy, Sex and the Sublime

RELG 261 Hearing Islam

RELG 263 Islam Mysticism

RELG 265 Religion and Violence: Hindus, Muslims and Jews

RELG 266 Religion and the Senses

RELG 268 Encountering Islam: Dialogue and Difference

RELG 280 The Politics of Sex in Asian Religions

RELG 281 Performing Tradition

RELG 289 Global Religions in Minnesota

RELG 350 Emptiness

RELG 353 Hindu Hierarchies: Caste in Theory and Practice

RELG 356 Buddhism and Ecology

RELG 358 Zen, Nationalism and Orientalism

RELG 362 Spirit Possession


Sociology and Anthropology

SOAN 157 Culture and Politics in India

Women's and Gender Studies

WGST 310 Asian Mystiques Demystified