Choosing Question and Advisor

Choosing a question and advisor:

To start the process, choose one of the comps questions provided by the faculty. Please choose a question for which you have the proper course background. Insufficient course preparation has been one of the most common sources of trouble during comps.

After choosing a question, the next step is to find a faculty advisor. The list of faculty available to advise comps each term appears on the list of questions. Contact an appropriate faculty member (often but not necessarily the author of the question you've chosen) and ask that she or he act as your comps advisor. Note that a faculty member may not feel able to be your comps advisor for various reasons, including 1) the limited number of comps students allowed per faculty member and 2) insufficient familiarity with the topic you have chosen.

It is essential that your faculty advisor has specifically agreed to be your comps advisor on a particular question.  You then submit your advisor's name and the question chosen as part of the first Moodle assignment, due at 4 PM on the first Wednesday of the term.  This first assignment also requires a list of the Biology courses you have taken so far. 

At some point after this first deadline, you will be informed of the second member of your comps committee.