Graduate School Programs

Biology graduate school information is compiled in Peterson's Annual Guide to Graduate Schools in Biology. This is on file in the Career Center, as are current graduate school brochures and catalogs. Biology faculty members may also be able to give valuable information about grad schools and jobs. Also information is available on file in the Biology Department office, and information is posted on the 2nd floor bulletin board in Hulings. Finally, information about graduate record and advanced placement exams is available in the Career Center; MCAT and medical school information can be obtained from the premed advisor, Pam Middleton. Many graduate programs can also be explored on the internet.

If you plan to follow a career in secondary education, check with the Education Department about teaching certificate requirements. This should be done no later than the early part of your junior year. A few of the job listings in the previously mentioned periodicals require only the B.A. degree. These are mostly at research institutions looking for technicians.

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