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Ramapo for Children Summer Camp Counselors

January 17, 2017 at 3:13 pm
By leejae

Ramapo for Children is a non-profit organization renowned for its direct-service youth programs, and training for educators, youth workers and caregivers. At Ramapo, we offer college students and recent graduates valuable, rewarding and unique job opportunities through summer and year-round programs on our Rhinebeck, New York campus.

Ramapo's employment opportunities include summer camp counselor positions that focus on working with children ages 6-16, and RamaYear, a 15- to 24- month program designed for recent college graduates.

Summer camp counselors will benefit from the same state-of-the-art training that Ramapo provides to educators and other industry professionals around the world; hands-on work with children who have varying degrees of social, emotional or learning differences and abilities; up to six college credits; and room and board. 

RamaYear is Ramapo's year-round position which offers college graduates an outstanding opportunity to hone their leadership and communication skills before embarking on their career paths. RamaYears work alongside permanent staff members to assist with students and educators who participate in Ramapo's on-site, adventure-based retreats, and board with and serve as mentors to the organization's Staff Assistants: young adults with special needs who are seeking to become self-sufficient while building social and job skills. RamaYears are also privy to an annual salary, health benefits, paid vacation time and free room and board. 

Commitment dates: Counselors make a 9-week commitment to Camp Ramapo from mid-June to mid-August. Some positions require additional training prior to mid-June. Exact dates are provided during the hiring process. 

-There are a limited number of short-term counselor positions available. Short-term counselors make a 5-week commitment from late July to late August. 

For additional information, please contact Jessica Humes-Delgado, Director of Human Resources, Rhinebeck Campus, at jhdelgado@ramapoforchildren.org or 845-876-8423.