Special Major Template

Template for Special Major in Cognitive Science


Course Term Grade(s) Credits Completed
CGSC 130     6  
LING 115     6  
PSYCH 200/201     8  
CGSC 232/233 or PSYC 232/233     8  
CS 111 or
PHIL 210
CGSC 391/392     6  
CGSC 396     3  
CGSC 400     3  

                                                                  Total specified credits:  46

ELECTIVE COURSES - see current list on website. 

Note that ASC requires a total of three 300-level courses, so at least 2 of the electives must be 300-level

Course Term Grade(s) Credits Completed















                                                                   Total elective credits:  24                         


Important Notes:

1. No more than 18 credits at the 100-level may
count toward the 70 credits required for the Cognitive Science special

2. Students who have completed the Bio 125/Phil 100 (formerly Phil 110) Dyad may have that count in place of CGSC 130. For the purpose of counting credits and grades toward the major, only those earned in Phil 110/Phil 100 will count toward the special major in CGSC.