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Volume 16 Number 16

February 1, 2012

Paid Summer Teaching Internship

Breakthrough Saint Paul helps motivated students overcome adversity to prepare for college with the support of older students passionate about education.  They are seeking a diverse group of talented undergraduate and high school students (juniors/seniors) to apply for their paid summer teaching internships, complete with training and classroom teaching experience.  This internship was ranked as one of the top ten summer internships for college students by the Princeton Review and is open to all majors.  For more information, see attached or visit Application Deadline:  February 27, 2012 (interviews granted on a rolling basis).

Seminar Announcement

No seminar this week

Periodic Table Meets This Week

Periodic Table meets this Thursday in the LDC.  We meet at noon in the chemistry hallway and walk over together, or you can join us there.  If you are off board, the department will cover your lunch.

Summer Research Opportunities

University of Pennsylvania Nano/Bio Interface Center

The Nano/Bio Interface Center (NBIC) at the University of Pennsylvania seeks motivated undergraduate candidates for the summer research program.  Undergraduate Research at the Nano-Bio Interface supports undergraduate students working in research labs for 10 weeks.  The primary goal of this program is education and training in the interdisciplinary field of molecular function at the nanoscale taking advantage of the University of Pennsylvania’s substantial research efforts in these and other pertinent fields.   Students in this program will participate in a series of activities dealing with societal, cultural, and ethical issues evolving around advancements in science and technology, in particular nanobiotechnology.  Application deadline:  February 27, 2012.  For more information, see the attached.