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Apr 10

Chemistry Department Seminar: Student Comps Presentations

by Alex Battiste, Dakota Hunt, Eric McGregor, Nayoung Kwak, Jacob Heath, Kallinikos Chalvatzis, Nathan Carroll, and Quinn Johnson.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
3:30 – 4:30 pm / Olin 149

"RNase P: Convergent Evolution and an Insight into the RNA World Hypothesis"

RNase P is an enzyme present in all domains of life that is necessary for the maturation of tRNAs.  It is also notable because it is one of the few examples of a ribozyme, an enzyme where the catalytic portion of the enzyme is composed of RNA instead of protein.  However, it was somewhat recently discovered that there are also a few examples of RNase P that are composed solely of protein. Our presentation explores the work of Dr. Carol Fierke in uncovering the workings of both protein only RNase P enzymes and RNA based RNase P enzymes and the implications for the RNA world hypothesis that can be drawn by a comparison of these enzymes.   

Carol Fierke Comps Group

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