Chemistry Department Seminars

2016–2017 Seminars

Past Seminars Cumulative Index


Ryan Steed, Carleton College:  Ion-Powered Rotary Mechanism of ATP Synthase

Jillian Dempsey, University of North Carolina:  Investigating Reaction Pathways for Solar Fuel Production

Stephan Hubig, Ecolab, Inc.:  Innovation and Product Development in the Chemical Industry

Mary Wirth, Purdue University:  Epigenetics in Bioanalytical Chemistry

Robert G. Bergman (’63), University of California, Berkeley:  The Application of Physical Organic Methods to the Investigation of Organometallic Reaction Mechanisms; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Matthew Sheldon (’04), Texas A&M University:  Plasmonic and Hybrid Nanomaterials for Solar Energy

Sarah Reisman, California Institute of Technology:  Necessity is the Mother of Invention:  Natural Products and the Chemistry they Inspire

Dennis Cao, Macalester College:  Lock-Arm Supramolecular Ordering:  Self-Assembled Organic Ferroelectrics

Wesley Sundquist (’81), University of Utah:  Membrane Remodeling by the ESCRT Pathway

Will Pomerantz, University of Minnesota:  Choosing the Right Halogen:  Fluorinated Bromodomains for Small Molecule Discovery

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research in the Carleton Chemistry Department

Matt Whited, Carleton College:  Making Rare and Abundant Elements “Play Nice”:  New Reactions Exploiting Rhodium/Silicon Cooperation

Deborah Gross, Carleton College:  Atmospheric Aerosol Particles:  Impacts on Climate and Human Health

Emily Weiss, Northwestern University:  Quantum Dot Photocatalysis

David Milstein, The Weizmann Institute of Science:  Design and Applications of Sustainable Catalysis Based on Cooperative Pincer Complexes
Sustainability Through Catalysis;
The Jean Dreyfus Boissevain Lecture

Janet Morrow, SUNY, Buffalo:  Iron, Cobalt and Nickel Complexes as Responsive MRI Contrast Agents; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Christopher Miller, Brandeis University:  A Weird Ion Channel for a Weird Ion:  Fluoride Resistance in Microbes; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Carleton Chemistry Faculty and Others:  Planning your Future with a Chemistry Major:  Fellowship, Career, and Grad School Opportunities


Chemistry Faculty, Academic Civic Engagement and Career Center Staff, Carleton College:  You Decided to Major in Chemistry – Now What?  Volunteer Opportunities and Career/Grad School Information

Amit Reddi (’03), Georgia Institute of Technology:  Metals in Cells:  The Inorganic Foundation of Life

Theodore Betley, Harvard University:  Radical Frontiers in Catalysis

Student Summer Research Panel:  A discussion about research on and off campus

Danica Fujimori, University of California, San Francisco:  Positive Feedback Regulation of a Histone Demethylase on Chromatin

Cari Dutcher, University of Minnesota:  Interfacial dynamics of atmospheric particles:  Cold, complex and charged surfaces

Connie Lu, University of Minnesota:  Harnessing Metal-Metal Bonds for Small-Molecule Activation

Kevin Weeks, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:  Understanding the genetic code, expressed via RNA, using “Orgo 2” and simple physical chemistry

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Sandra Loesgen, Oregon State University:  Natural Products in Drug Discovery – Targeting Viral Sweet Spots and Superbugs

Dean Tantillo, University of California, Davis:  Walking in the Woods with Quantum Chemistry.  The Importance of Inherent Carbocation Reactivity in Terpene Biosynthesis

Jessica DeMott, Texas A&M University:  Exploring Ligand Scaffolds for the Isolation of Stable Alkane Sigma Complexes

Chris Bielawski, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology:  Externally Controlled Chemistry:  New Methods for Manipulating Polymerization and Other Transformations

Ekaterina Kadnikova, University of Wisconsin, Stout:  Chemoenzymatic Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Unsaturated Esters

Buck Taylor, University of California, Los Angeles:  How to Use Computers to Understand Chemical Reactivity:  Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic C–H Activation

S. Walter Englander, University of Pennsylvania:  Protein folding and function by hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry analysis

Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Targeting the mechanism not the structure:  An amyloid intermediate obtained from 2D IR data; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Christopher Walsh, Harvard Medical School:  Antibiotics Past, Present and Future:  A Molecule-centered Perspective; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Senior Comps Talks:

Arafat Akinlabi, Nathan Bamberger, Molly Burness, Peter Downie, Sam Keyes, Devin Oliver, Kyle Olson, Nikhil Pandey, Kit Pavlekovsky:  Melting Hydrates and Melting Permafrost:  Is Methane from the Arctic a Climate Time Bomb?

Shant Douzdjian, Eleanor Munger, Rebecca Velazquez, Ahna Weeks, Joe Willenborg, Wanqi Yu:  How do Proteins Fold?

Katie Blise, Tamara Damjanac, Eliza Green, Isabel Han, Christian Hansen, Connor Hodges, Aurora Janes, Laramie Jensen, Fa Ngamnithiporn, Christian Olivares, Alex Polk, Kiera Wilhelm, Molly Wootten:  Picking Up Good Vibes:  Following Structural Dynamics of Fibril Aggregation with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy

Billy Moua, Eli Danson, Jake Hassing, Libby McKenna, Michael Kane, Vayu Maini Rekdal, Xiaodi Wang:  Synthesis of Nature’s Weaponry:  Accomplishing Complexity from Simplicity


Chemistry Faculty, Academic Civic Engagement and Career Center Staff, Carleton College:  You Decided to Major in Chemistry – Now What?  Volunteer Opportunities and Career/Grad School Information

Champak Chatterjee, University of Washington, Seattle:  Chemical Strategies to Study Post-translational Modifications of Human Histones

Carolyn Ocampo (’02), Keven Tell (’09), Andy Wild (’04), Panelists; Eric McDonald, Moderator:  K-12 Science Teachers Panel

Elon Ison, North Carolina State University:  Synthesis of Well-Defined Copper N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes and Their Use as Catalysts for a “Click Reaction”:  A Multistep Experiment That Emphasizes the Role of Catalysis in Green Chemistry

Dwight Stoll, Gustavus Adolphus College:  Making Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography Real – Theoretical Inspiration, Fundamental Studies, and Solutions to Practical Problems

Jennifer Schomaker, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Silver-Catalyzed Chemoselective Amination and Applications to the Synthesis of Bioactive Amines through Allene Aziridination

Renee Frontiera (’04), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities:  Following Chemical Reactions at the Ultimate Limits of Space and Time

Louisa Bradtmiller, Macalester College:  Not Your Grandmother’s Earrings:  What Opal Tells Us About the Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

Joel Collier, University of Chicago:  Self-Assembled Peptide and Protein Immunomodulators

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Pat Holland, Yale University:  The Global Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation by Iron Complexes

Felix K. Amankona-Diawuo (’08), Northwestern University:  Design of Laser-driven Molecular Rotors for Molecular Electronics

Matt Bush (’03), University of Washington, Seattle:  Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of Protein Complexes

P. Ryan Steed, Vanderbilt University:  Toward the Mechanism of an Ion-coupled Multidrug Efflux Pump

Neil Garg, University of California, Los Angeles:  Complex Molecule Synthesis as a Fuel for Discovery

Debra Rolison, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory:  Rewiring Electrochemical Energy Storage on the Macroscale via Architecture on the Nanoscale

Scott Mabury, University of Toronto:  Origin and Fate of Polyfluorinated Chemicals in the Environment; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

John Gerlt, University of Illinois:  E Unum Pluribus:  From One Enzyme to 50M Proteins; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Carol Hall, North Carolina State University:  A Computational Study of the Thermodynamic and Kinetic Origins of Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases

Senior Comps Talks:

Elijah Christensen, Tyler Cragg, Jenny Forster, Sophie Greene, and Alex Kosanovich:  The Power of Aerogels:  Bridging the Battery-Capacitor Divide for the Next Generation of Energy Storage Materials

Julia Bakker-Arkema, Molly Bostrom, Julia Greenwald, Kevin Johnson, Conor Lynch, Lucas Morrill, Brandon Taitt, and Ray Yong:  We’re so F’d:  Poly- and Per-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances in the Environment

Aaron Buckley, John Cho, Scott Erickson, Kate Richards, Alissa Severson, Emma Southgate, Ben Truax, and Reid Whitaker:  From FucD to Function:  Development of Methodology for Enzyme Function Determination


Carleton Chemistry Faculty and Academic Civic Engagement Staff:  You Decided to Major in Chemistry – Now What?  Volunteer Opportunities and Career/Grad School Information

Sibrina Collins, College of Wooster:  Designing Azaindole Ligands for the Development of Anti-Tumor Transition Metal Complexes

Terry Acree, Cornell University:  Flavor Chemistry and Perception

Nancy Levinger, Colorado State University:  Impact of a nanoscopic environment on the nature of water

Oleg Ozerov, Texas A&M University:  Reaction Discovery With Pincer Complexes

Dipa Kalyani, St. Olaf College:  Transition Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of Biaryl Compounds

Olga Selifonova and Sergey Selifonov, Founders of Reluceo, Inc. and XLTerra, Inc.:  Polymers for the 21st century:  New planet and human friendly materials with exceptional performance

Jeff Peake (’81), Shepherd Color Company:  The Chemistry of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments

Valerie Pierre, University of Minnesota:  Imaging Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress – Lanthanides to the Rescue

Jerry Mohrig, Emeritus Professor, Carleton College:  Insights on the Stereochemistry of Proton Transfer Reactions or Twenty-Five Years of Undergraduate Research

Timothy Jamison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  Continuous Flow Multi-Step Synthesis

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Thomas Epps, University of Delaware:  Using Block Copolymers to Create Conducting Nanomaterials

Michael Summers, University of Maryland, Baltimore County:  Insights into the Mechanism of HIV-1 Genome Packaging and Assembly

Matt Ginder-Vogel (’00), University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Influences on Environmental Arsenic and Uranium Mobility:  Oxidation by Transition Metal (Hydr)oxides

Loren Williams, Georgia Institute of Technology:  Historical Biochemistry

Eric Anslyn, University of Texas, Austin:  Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry

Robert Grubbs, California Institute of Technology:  Green Chemistry and Catalysis; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Robert Grubbs, California Institute of Technology:  Olefin Metathesis Catalysts for the Preparation of Molecules and Materials

Graham Fleming, University of California, Berkeley:  Lessons from Nature on Solar Light Harvesting; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Senior Comps Talks:

Elaine Downie, Bee Lee, Brady Still, Adrienne Werth, Alex Lai, David Hanna, Ted Harmon, Brittney Mikell:  From RNA to Loren Williams and Beyond:  An RNA perspective of cations involvement in the evolution of life

Erik Klontz, Will Gagne-Maynard, Kim Bauer, Katie Ratliff, Ken Miyamoto, Jack Mullaney, Tyler Bechtel, Sharyl Rich:  Ansyln’s Analytes and Assays

Joe Boerma, Mia Borden, Anna Brezny, Dan DeRosha, Christian Padilla, Nick Wright:  One Word:  Polymers.  The development of ruthenium-based catalysts for ring opening metathesis polymerization

Milan Cvitkovic, Chris D’Amato, Emily Fairfax, Galen Gorski, Austin Jiang, Erin McDuffie, Freddy Wieffering:  Probing the Workings of the Primary Light Event in Photosynthesis using Ultrafast Laser

Michael McClellan:  Taking Chiral Cobalt out of the Mesozoic Era:  Improved Co(diNOsar) Synthesis and Analysis in an Undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Megan Narvey:  Raising the Hunley:  Corrosion Processes and Conservation Strategies for Metals in Historic Shipwrecks


Nicholas Reiter (’99), Northwestern University:  Structure of the Ribonuclease P enzyme with transfer RNA (tRNA):  A molecular fossil revealed!

Christopher Murray, University of Pennsylvania:  Nanocrystal assembly:  Multi-component superlattices and nanocrystal based devices

Carleton Chemistry Faculty and Academic Civic Engagement Staff:  You Decided to Major in Chemistry – Now What?  Volunteer Opportunities and Career/Grad School Information

Christopher Douglas, University of Minnesota:  Building molecular complexity through catalytic processes involving carbon-carbon and carbon-oxygen bond activation

Carleton Science/Math Majors:  Annual All-Science and Math Poster Session

Louise Charkoudian, Stanford University:  Cracking the Polyketide Code:  How Nature Controls the Synthesis of Structurally Complex Molecules

Christine Phillips-Piro, University of California, Berkeley:  Bacterial Sensing of Nickel:  A Molecular View

Emily Mundorff, Vassar College:  Explorations in Substrate Space

Christina Vizcarra, University of California, Los Angeles:  Functional studies of the actin regulators Cappuccino and Spire

Rebecca Taurog, The Scripps Research Institute:  Multiscale Structural Studies of Viruses

Christopher Calderone, Macalester College:  The Molecules of Iron Acquisition:  It’s Hard Out Here for a Pathogen

Mark Deeg, Eli Lilly & Co.:  The Chemistry of Diabetic Complications

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Michel Janssen, University of Minnesota:  Einstein’s most revolutionary work:  The young turk’s contributions to early quantum theory

Loren Williams, Georgia Institute of Technology:  RNA:  Still Folding after all these Years

Nicholas Ball, California Institute of Technology:  Synthesizing Organofluorines:  Harnessing the Power of Pd(IV)

Keith Kuwata, Macalester College:  Computational Studies of Chemically Activated Species in the Troposphere

Christopher Larson (’89), Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America:  Mitigating Cardiometabolic and Inflammatory Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases

Yolanda Vasquez, Harvard University:  Two Short Stories in Nanomaterials:  Synthesis and Bio-inspired Applications

Adrian Roitberg, University of Florida:  Sometimes a pKa is not a pKa.  Protein Simulations at constant pH.

Paul Chirik, Princeton University:  Modern Alchemy:  The Chemistry of Base Metal Catalysis

Antoine van Oijen, Groningen University:  Under the hood:  Single-molecule studies of DNA replication; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Cathy Murray, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:  Surface Bioengineering of Gold Nanorods; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Sarah Trimpin, Wayne State University:  New Methods for Ionization in Mass Spectrometry and Applications

Amy Palmer, University of Colorado, Boulder:  Fluorescent tools for live cell imaging:  What can we monitor and what can we learn?

Lesley-Ann Giddings, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute:  Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Madagascar Periwinkle

Senior Comps Talks:

Ryan Cammarota, Katie Deeg, Peter Dunn, Jon Raberg, Sean Roberts, Karen Robinson, Erika Warrick:  Heavy Metal Sandwiches:  Rocking Out at Room Temperature to Dinitrogen Functionalization

Cody Finke, Katie France, Brian Kempers, Ernesto Llano, Kenneth Lum, Eric Olson, Melody Zhou:  DNA, I hear you’re single:  How single-molecular techniques elucidate DNA replication

Owen Demke, Chelsea Modlin, James Morrissey, Puja Patel, Alison Smyth, Diane Walters, Alfred Yeung:  Exploding Bacteria using Gold Nanorods


Academic Civic Engagement Staff; Brent Nystrom, Career Center; Chemistry Faculty:  Volunteer and Career Exploration and Information Session

Ned Bowden, University of Iowa:  Behave!  How to Separate Unruly Catalysts and Reagents in One Pot Using Materials Chemistry

Carleton Science Majors:  Annual All-Science and Math Poster Session

Malika Jeffries-EL, Iowa State University:  Design and Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers for Advanced Applications

Philippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota:  Polymeric Fluorous Phases:  From the Ultimate Limits of Low Polarity to Biocompatibility

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Silvia Cavagnero, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  How Do Proteins Acquire a 3D Structure in the Cell?  An Interdisciplinary Journey across Organic, Physical and Biological

Matthew Whited, University of Southern California/Carleton College:  Excitation Management in Solar Dyes Using Singlets and Triplets

Daniela Kohen, Carleton College:  Can a computational chemist help curb carbon dioxide emissions?  (or Atomistic simulations of carbon dioxide in zeolites)

Amy Palmer, University of Colorado, Boulder:  Development of fluorescent sensors to monitor metal ions in living cells

Marion Cass, Carleton College:  Mechanisms that Interconvert Enantiomers in Chiral Metal Tris Chelate Molecules

Richard Caprioli, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine:  Imaging Mass Spectrometry:  Providing New Insights to Biology and Medicine

Isiah Warner, Louisiana State University:  NanoGUMBOS:  A New Breed of Nanomaterials

Jess Adkins, California Institute of TechnologyJourney to the Bottom of the Sea:  How Deep-Sea Corals Calcify and Why We Care; James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

William Jones, University of Rochester:  Strong C-H and C-C Bond Cleavage Reactions Using Homogeneous Transition Metal Complexes; James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Jeanne Pemberton, University of Arizona:  Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants from Nature’s Bacterial Microsynthetic Factories; Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Kirk Williams, University of Alabama, Birmingham:  Approaches to Understanding Obesity:  Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics

Barbara Imperiali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  Chemical Tools for the Study of Complex Biological Systems; Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Aaron Massari, University of Minnesota:  Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Organic Electronic Interfaces

Cora MacBeth, Emory University:  Bioinspired Ligand Systems for Transition Metal Mediated Small-molecule Binding and Activation

Senior Comps Talks:

Ben Cotts, Ken Ellis-Guardiola, Anna Gallagher, Nolly Gibbs, Eric Manley, Alexandra Schefter, Kaz Skubi:  Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-H and C-C Activation:  How Hydrocarbons Go Boom, Gracefully

Sam Althauser, Grace Cooper, Dan Cremons, Sophie Hines, Andrew Hooker, Duncan Olsen, Samantha Thompson, Celine Yeh:  The Role of Past Ocean Processes in Abrupt Climate Change:  Secrets Held by Deep-Sea Corals and Sediments

Ryan Babbush, Grant Bowen, Kevin Cannaday, Martin Granick, James McMenimen:  Surface Characterization by Raman Spectroscopy

Michael Bonin, Chris Choo, Caitlin Dole, Sara Doyle, Sarah Duane, Jeremy Grevet, Liz Hecht:  A Sweet Biomarker:  Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation

John Davis:  Solar Hydrogen from Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide


Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Graduate School Information Session

Tamara Hendrickson, Wayne State University:  Indirect Biosynthesis of Gln-tRNA(Gln) in the Human Pathogen Helicobacter Pylori

David Alberg and Gretchen Hofmeister, Carleton College:  Metal-less Methodology:  Making Carbon-Carbon Bonds Using Purely Organic Reaction Components

J. Christopher Thomas, 3M Company:  (Phosphino)borates and transition metals:  Electronic effects resulting from a zwitterionic ligand framework

Carleton Science Majors:  Annual All-Science and Math Poster Session

Daron Janzen, St. Catherine University:  Electronic, Steric, and Anion Control of Solid-State Luminescence in Cyclometallated Platinum(II) Complexes

Jesse Edwards, Florida A&M University:  Molecular Dynamic Simulations of a HIV Polypeptide Protease Inhibitor and the HIV I Protease Subtypes B vs. C

Matthew Whited, University of Southern California:  A Multiple C–H Activation Approach to Iridium-Catalyzed Oxidations

Laura Kaufman, Columbia University:  Design and Characterization of Collagen Gels for Cell Migration Studies

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Daniel Kim-Shapiro (Physics ’84), Wake Forest University:  Nitric Oxide Bioavailability in Health, Disease and Therapeutics

T. Andrew Mobley (’91), Grinnell College:  Synthesis, Structural and Reactivity Studies of Organotungstenstannyl Complexes

Eric Guttag (’74), IP Law Office:  Chemistry and Law:  A Combustible Career Combination

Carla Mattos, North Carolina State University:  Allosteric Modulation of Ras:  A Direct Role for Glutamine 61 in Catalysis

Justin Gallivan, Emory University:  Reprogramming Bacteria with Small Molecules and RNA

Christopher Cramer, University of Minnesota:  Dioxygen Activation at Mono- and Binuclear Copper Enzyme Site Models

Neena Grover, Colorado College:  Thermodynamic Analysis of Small RNA Motifs

Benjamin Cravatt, The Scripps Research Institute:  Activity-based proteomics - Applications for enzyme and inhibitor discovery

Kenneth Raymond, University of California, Berkeley:  Metal-Ligand Supermolecular Clusters as Nanoscale Flasks; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Geri Richmond, University of Oregon:  At the Water’s Edge; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

F. Dean Toste, University of California, Berkeley:  Hypothesis Driven Reaction Discovery; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Karen Goldberg, University of Washington, Seattle:  Catalysis for Today’s Fuels and Chemicals:  “Green” Solutions

Senior Comps Talks:

Adrian Chow, Tina Cich, Ross Hamilton, Emily Kobernik, Jingjing Ling, Christopher Staral:  Activity-Based Protein Profiling:  Fishing in the Sea of Proteins

Grant Buckingham, Greta Kringle, Michael Lysonski, Sicelo Masango, Kevin Pollock, Bryan Rosett, Leng Sok, Mia Zutz:  Probing the Interface Using Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy

Chris Clark, Henry Heitzer, Lindsey Madison, Colin Russell, Laura Sofen:  Molecular Catch and Release:  Metal-Ligand Coordination Chemistry

Claire Brookmeyer, Sam Cross-Knorr, Adam Fagin, Alfredo Guzman, Musetta Steinbach, Lisa Wang:  The Midas Touch: Au(I) Catalysts in Organic Synthesis


Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Graduate School Information Session

Douglas Beussman, St. Olaf College:  Proteomics and Date-Rape Drugs: Mass Spectrometry Research at St. Olaf College

Claudio Margulis, University of Iowa:  Room Temperature Ionic Liquids, a New Solvation Paradigm

Steven Drew, Carleton College:  A Platinum(II) Extended Linear Chain Material That Selectively Uptakes Benzene

Carleton Science Majors:  Annual All-Science and Math Poster Session

John Enemark, University of Arizona:  Changing SOX in a Flash: Chemistry of a Vital Molybdenum Enzyme (Joint St. Olaf/Carleton Seminar)

Gary Nicholas (’94), Bell’s Brewery:  Tales from Industry: Managing the Eccentricities of Fermentation

Keith Woo, Iowa State University:  Use of DNA for the Development of Homogeneous Catalysts

Christine Morales (’98), Iona College:  Modeling the Infrared Spectrum of a Nanoconfined Liquid

Mark Ratner, Northwestern University:  Transport in Molecular Junctions: Thoughts Coherent and Incoherent

Laura Iraci, NASA Ames Research Center:  Particles in the Earth’s Atmosphere: Chemistry, Photochemistry, and Climate Implications

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research Recruiting

Penny Beuning, Northeastern University:  Regulation of DNA Damage Responses by a DNA Polymerase Manager Protein

Nate Lewis, California Institute of Technology:  Sunlight-Driven Hydrogen Formation by Membrane-Supported Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting;The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Christopher Loss, The Culinary Institute of America:  Culinary Chemistry: An Entrée to the Sciences at The Culinary Institute of America

David Tirrell, California Institute of Technology:  Reinterpreting the Genetic Code: Non-Canonical Amino Acids in Protein Design, Evolution and Analysis;The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture

Tom McMurry, Ascent Pharmaceuticals:  Pepducin Technology: A New Paradigm for Modulating G Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) Activity

Garry Crosson, University of Dayton:  A Solid-State NMR Study of Zeolite Formation in Hyperalkaline Aluminosilicate Suspensions

James Patterson (’97), University of Alabama, Birmingham:  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Alpha-Synuclein with Detergents and Small Unilamellar Vesicles

Daniel J. Cziczo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:  Which Aerosol Particles End Up Inside Clouds?

Senior Comps Talks:

Emily Ruff:  The Dynamics of Electron Tunneling in Electron Transfer Proteins: Determination of a Decay Constant

Nick Brom, Michael Henneberry, Fred Kieley, Dan Mammel, Seiya Medrano, Andrew Olson, Bobby Schmitz, David Selassie:  Interfacial Electron Transfer at Semiconductor-Liquid Junctions: Implications for Powering the Planet

Jennifer Bigelow, Joe Brown, Mia Brown, Jamie Chen, Robert Kennedy, Jennie Miller, Fumiko Yashiro:  Dy(e)ing to Save the Planet: Exploring Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline TiO2 Solar Cells

Eamon Flynn, Sarah Kunelius, Kristine Mackin, Keven Tell, Sarah Toews, Xia Xiong:  The Maillard Reaction or How I learned to stop worrying about acrylamide and love the flavor

Claire Buckler, John Hanks, Claire Liepmann, Jonathan McMurry, Cassandra Olson, Katherine Stanchak, Jia-Shyuan Su, Yirong Zhu:  The Work of David Tirrell


Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Seminars Kick-Off/Careers Discussion
Rebecca Jockusch, University of Toronto: Intrinsic Conformations of Biomolecules Probed by Mass Spectrometry, Optical Spectroscopy and Computations
Neil Sbar, SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.: Electrochromic Smart Window Technology
Carleton Science Majors: Annual All-Science and Math Poster Session
Robert Coates, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Stereochemistry and Mechanism of Terpene Synthase Cyclizations
Jimmy Blair (’02), Carleton College and University of California, Berkeley: Harnessing the Power of Chemical Genetics: Rationally-designed Affinity Probes for Tyrosine Kinases Report EGFR Inhibition in Cells
David Reingold, Juniata College: Aromatic Systems with Gaps and Holes
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Summer Research Recruiting
Nancy Mills, Trinity University: Understanding Aromaticity Through Antiaromaticity: How a Failed Research Project Turned Golden
Kathryn Splan, Macalester College: Bivalent Peptide Antagonists of Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins (IAPs)
Scott Larsen, Cephalon, Inc.: Research Chemistry Beyond the Bench: A Practical Guide to Inventorship and U.S. Patent Law
Lisa Berreau, Utah State University: Dioxygen Reactivity of Ni(II) Enolate and Enediolate Complexes
Geoff Coates, Cornell University: Development of New Catalytic Routes to Benign Polymeric Materials
Jennifer Al-Rashid, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Synthesis and Cycloadditions of Chiral Allenamides
Jeffrey Carney, University of Notre Dame: Intramolecular Hydroamination of Aminoalkynes with Silver-Phenanthroline Catalysts
Peter Gittins, St. Mary’s University: Branching in New Directions: An Introduction to Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers
Launa Lynch, Grinnell College: Isoflavones and Their Novel Analogues: Effects on EGFR Mediated Signaling Pathway in Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells
Clark Landis, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Construction, Application, and Mechanism of Enantioselective Hydroformylation Catalysts Based on 3,4-Diazaphospholanes
John Hartwig, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Organometallic Chemistry of Carbon Heteroatom Bond Formation
Steven Boxer, Stanford University: Re-engineering Photosynthetic Reaction Centers; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture
Kristopher McNeill, University of Minnesota: Natural Photochemical Nanoreactors in Aquatic Systems
Rachel Green, Johns Hopkins University: Quality Control on the Ribosome Following Peptide Bond Formation
Jerry Mohrig, Carleton College: Achieving More Effective Learning in Undergraduate Laboratories; 2008 Brasted Award Seminar
Senior Comps Talks:
Felix Amankona-Diawuo, Matt Cich, Maraia Ener, Bill Mitchell, Eric Nordland:
Hey guys, guess what! I just saved a bunch of money on asymmetric hydrogenation research by switching to computational methods!
Adam Goetz, Carrie Hurd, Sam Lemonick, Laura Marinelli, Ryan Martinez, Yui Takeshita, Kit Zall: Doctor John Hartwig/Optimizing catalysts/For the greater good
Julie Brown, Nick Brown, Hanna Dijkstal, Michael Duyzend, Beth Friedman, Matt Haffner, Olivia Jee, Hana Podhoretz, Eunice Sapp: Investigating Electron and Energy Transfer in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers


Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Seminars Kick-Off/Careers Discussion
Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Femtosecond 2D IR Spectroscopy – A New Technique for Studying Structures and Dynamics
Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University: Reaction Chemistry Meets Lithography
Carleton Science Majors: Sigma Xi All-Science Poster Session
Kara Bren (’91), University of Rochester: Impact of Dynamics on Heme Protein Redox Properties
Kevin Freeman-Cook (’94), Pfizer Pharmaceutical: Organic Chemistry at Pfizer: New Compounds as Treatments for Arthritis, Oncology, and Bacterial Infections
Deborah Gross, Carleton College: MS-CHAOS, Alpine Valleys, and Biofuels: Single Particle Measurements in Switzerland and Minneapolis
David Sholl, Carnegie Mellon University: Using Atomically-Detailed Models to Accelerate Materials Discovery for Hydrogen Purification and Storage
Elaine Marzluff, Grinnell College: Structure Determination of Biological Molecules in the Gas Phase
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Summer Research Recruiting
Facundo Fernandez, Georgia Institute of Technology: Vacuum is not the Limit: Ions in Open Air Reveal the Composition of Counterfeit Drugs
Hal Van Ryswyk (’82), Harvey Mudd College: From Molecular Alligator Clips to Molecular Wires: Electron Transfer To, Through, and Within Metalloporphyrins
Sheila David, University of California, Davis: Dare to Repair: From Chemistry to Cancer
Michael Burand, University of Minnesota: Synthesis and Characterization of Oligothiophene-Based Compounds for use as Semiconducting Materials in Thin-Film Transistors
Stacey Stoffregen, Iowa State University: Sequence-Selective Cleavage of Peptide Bonds with Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes
Kelly Knutsen (’99), National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Towards Solving the World’s Energy Crisis: Ultrafast Charge Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Third Generation Solar Cells
Richmond Sarpong, University of California, Berkeley: Methods and Strategies Inspired by Seven-Membered Ring Containing Natural Products
Ronald Breaker, Yale University: Chemical Sensing and Gene Control by Riboswitches
R. Graham Cooks, Purdue University: Trace Organic Analysis: A Chemical Grail
Kevan Shokat, University of California, San Francisco: Chemical Genetic Analysis of Kinase Signaling in Normal and Disease Physiology
Harry Gray, California Institute of Technology: The Currents of Life: Electron Flow Through Metalloproteins
Terry Sheppard, Chief Editor, Nature Chemical Biology: Scientific Publishing as a Process and a Career
Jeffrey Roberts, University of Minnesota: Surface Functionalization and Passivation of Aerosolized Silicon Nanoparticles
Senior Comps Talks:
Erin Addison, Thayne Dickey, Danielle Hargreaves, Admire Kuchena, Christopher Ward (chemistry) and Yi An, Ron Hause, Jennifer See, Lauren Wagner (biology):
John Choiniere, David DeCresce, Ian Hill, and Rosie Molden: Dr. Quadrupole; or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Trap The Ion
Stephanie Vasko: “Less is More!”: The Chemistry and Physics of Quantum Dots: From First Principles to Current Applications
Jon Dozier, Jake Houghton, Ali Khaki, Claire Langton-Yanowitz, Yong Won Lee, Shayna Simmons, Will Van Story, Maya Warren, Peter Watson: Inside Shokat’s World: Exposing Signal Transduction Cascades
Caitlin Bowersox, Amy Gauger, Wade Johnson, Paul Klick, Matt Topeff, Ellen Valkevich: E.T. II: The Quantum Sequel


Stacey Bent, Stanford University: Bringing Organic Chemistry to the Surface
Jane Owens, Carleton College: Computational Studies of the Photodynamics of Retinal
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Careers Discussion
Ann McDermott, Columbia University: Enzyme Motions: TIM and P450
Carleton Science Majors: Annual All-Science Poster Session
Shana Kelley, Boston College: Ultrasensitive Biomolecular Detection at DNA-Modified Nanostructures
Eric Person (’95), California State University: The Chemist’s Role in Clandestine Laboratory Investigation
Elizabeth Edblom (’83), 3M: Materials Research at 3M
Marion Cass, Carleton College: Examination and Animation of Fluxional Processes that Interchange Axial and Equatorial Atoms in Simple AXn Molecules
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Summer Research Recruiting
Ron Kim (’86), Merck and Company: Glucagon Receptor Antagonists for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Erik Sorensen, Princeton University: Reactivity and Applications of a New Diene for Organic Synthesis
Melissa Hines, Cornell University: In Search of Perfection: Controlling Surfaces with Chemistry
Dan Frisbie (’89), University of Minnesota: Organic Thin Film Electronics: A Materials Science Perspective
William Daub, Harvey Mudd College: Transition State Topologies in Claisen Rearrangements Involving Cyclic Substrates
Tobin Marks, Northwestern University: Self-Assembly Chemistry for Molecule-Based Organic and Organometallic Electronics
John Bercaw, California Institute of Technology: Alpha-Olefin Polymerizations with Metallocene Catalysts: Kinetics, Mechanisms, and Kinetic Resolutions
Carolyn Bertozzi, University of California, Berkeley: Chemistry in Living Systems: New Tools for Probing the Glycome
Karin Musier-Forsyth, University of Minnesota: Nucleic Acid Chaperone Activity of HIV Nucleocapsid Protein
David Oxtoby, Pomona College: From Greenhouse Warming to the Formation of Living Cells: A New Approach to Nucleation
Senior Comps Talks:
Jason Acosta, Tommy Adams, Stephen Chapman, Mandy Chu, Whitney Kruse, Dorissa Lahner, Allison Smith, Melanie Yuen:
The Research of Tobin Marks in the Area of Organic Electronics
Caitlyn Cornell, John Grotting, Aaron Lackner, Anna Larson, Alex Marston, Sarah Russell, Andrew Ullman, Nick Wiebelhaus, Andrew Young:
Metallocene Catalyzed Polymerization
Andrew Berry, Disan Davis, Greg Ducker, Mark Ericson, Emily Johnson, Andy Nieuwkoop, Margaret Pain, Jack Rousseau, Kartik Sampath, Aki Uchida, Kate Waller:
The Research of Carolyn Bertozzi in the Area of Chemical Biology


Franz M. Geiger, Northwestern University: Tracking Environmentally Important Processes at Surfaces: From Geochemistry to Atmospheric Chemistry
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Careers Discussion
David Alberg, Carleton College: Synthesis and Evaluation of Trypanothione Reductase Inhibitors
Carleton Science Majors: Annual All-Science Poster Session
Mary Shepard Gin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Molecular Channels and Gates
Sigma Xi Panel – Joe Chihade (Chemistry), Nelson Christensen (Physics & Astronomy), Deanna Haunsperger (Mathematics & CS), Mark McKone (Biology), Mija Van Der Wege (Psychology): How We Got Where We Are: Carleton Science Faculty Discuss Their Careers
Jeff Schwinefus, St. Olaf College: Thermal Stability of the DNA Helix in Cosolvent Solutions: The Roles of Hydration and Cosolvent Binding
Jim Maher, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine: Transcription Factor Inhibition by RNA Decoys
Molly McGuire (’96), Bucknell University: Environmentally Relevant Redox Reactions at Iron-Bearing Mineral Surfaces
Angela Dickens (’97), Carleton College: Sources, Cycling and Preservation of Black Carbon in Marine Sediments from the Washington Margin
David C. Muddiman, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine: Clinical Proteomics: Making an Impact Through the Chemistry Porthole and Building Diverse Research Teams
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Summer Research Recruiting
Bruce Ault, University of Cincinnati: Matrix Isolation Spectroscopic Studies of Reaction Intermediates: Reactions of High-Valent Transition Metal Oxo Compounds
Kevin Range, University of Minnesota: You Cannot Win, You Cannot Break Even, and You Cannot Leave the Game: An Introduction to the Laws of Thermodynamics
John Tully, Yale University: Chemical Dynamics at Surfaces
Jane Owens, Wabash College: Light and Matter – Wave/Particle Duality
Sylvia Ceyer, MIT: New Surface Reaction Mechanisms: Role of Bulk H in Catalytic Hydrogenation and F Atom Abstraction by Si
François Morel, Princeton University: Trace Metals and Ocean Productivity
Gregory Verdine, Harvard University: Enzymatic Recognition and Removal of Damaged Bases in DNA
John Battiste (’90), 3M Pharmaceuticals: Optimization of the Sensitivity of 2D NMR Experiments for Structure Elucidation of Impurities/Degradants in Pharmaceuticals
Laurie J. Butler, University of Chicago: Probing Radical Intermediates of Bimolecular Reactions; The 2005 James D. Morrison Lecture
Marc Snapper, Boston College: Cyclobutadiene as a Reagent: Using Molecular Strain to Access Complexity; The 2005 Lecture on Organic Synthesis, Sponsored by Organic Synthesis, Inc.
Senior Comps Talks:

Charlie Weiss:
The Nonlinear Effect in Asymmetric Catalysis: Asymmetric Amplification and Mechanistic Probe
Andy Ault and Janel Uejio: Bulk Hydrogen: It’s Not Just a Wal-Mart Special
Meredith Cable, Eric Hamp, David Jackson, Micah Johnson, Adam Sunderland: Our Underwater Allies: How Ocean Phytoplankton Regulate Global Climate
Dave Farina, Margie Mattmann, Greg Poduska, Andy Ryan, Aistis Tumas: hOgg1: DNA’s Knight in Shining Armor
Kate Sammons: Pharmacognosy and the Effect of Developmental Stage on the Chemical Composition of Saussurea laniceps and medusa
Vickie Gunderson: Searching for the Ideal Molecular Wire: An Investigation of Electron Transfer Processes in Photoinduced and Self-Assemblied Monolayer Research
Katie Freeman: Hey Kids, Don’t Do Drugs: A Study of Methylphenidate As A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Cocaine Abuse


Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Welcome Reception for Majors
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: What to do After Carleton
Greg Muth, St. Olaf College: The Puzzling Properties of Peptidyl Transferase
Carleton Science Majors: Annual All-Science Poster Session
Paul Fischer, Macalester College: A Quest to Synthesize Intramolecular Amine-Stabilized Transition-Metal Boryl Complexes: The Adventure Begins
Camilla Lieske, Vet Toxicology Resident; Susan Roosenraad, Northfield High School Math Teacher; Steve Openshaw, Principal Scientist, Syngenta; Karissa Baker, Upper School Science Teacher; Brian Klawiter, Archeologist, Superior National Forest; Dave Watts, President and CEO, ACuTE, Inc.: Wondering What to do With Your Life?
Edward Grabowski, Merck Research Laboratories: The Design and Development of Practical Syntheses: A Potpourri of Process Research Problems
R. Lee Penn, University of Minnesota: Nanocrystal Growth by Oriented Aggregation
Brian Steer, Diversa Corporation: An Evolutionary Route to Xylanase Process Fitness
Omar Yaghi, University of Michigan: Design and Synthesis of Crystals Full of Nothing
Peter McMurry, University of Minnesota: Observations of New Particle Formation and Growth Rates in the Atmosphere
Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Summer Research Recruiting
Helen Blackwell, University of Wisconsin, Madison: New Applications for Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis
James Skinner, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics of Liquid Water
Benjamin Cravatt, The Scripps Research Institute: Activity-Based Protein Profiling: Chemical Approaches for Functional Proteomics; The 2004 Lecture on Organic Synthesis, Sponsored by Organic Synthesis, Inc.
Paul Cremer, Texas A & M University: Biomembranes on a Chip
Dennis Jacobs, University of Notre Dame: Dynamics of Ion/Surface Reactions in a Low-Earth Orbit Spacecraft Environment
Kate Queeney, Smith College: A Tale of Two (three, if you count hydrogen) Elements
Mike Baca, Sunny Choh, Linnea Engel, Earnie Kim, Nick Penner, Britta Veitenheimer, Carleton Chemistry Majors: Do Looks Matter? An Exploration of the Structural Similarities of AATase and ACC Synthase and the Diverse Fates of their Natural Substrates
Matt Simcik, University of Minnesota: Analysis of Perflurochemicals and Implications for Environmental Chemistry
Jack Kirsch, University of California, Berkeley: Pyridoxal Phosphate Enzymology - From Mechanism to Directed Evolution
Sally Charles, Margaret Lo, Martha Montgomery, Ben Petersen, Kristen Randall, Lexie Schmitt, Matt Sheldon, Jonathan Takahashi, Carleton Chemistry Majors: Making the Switch: Electronics on the Molecular Scale
Nick Boekelheide, Louisa Carr, Eric Feise, Renee Frontiera, Aaron Leconte, Travis Ruthenburg, Carleton Chemistry Majors: Getting Excited by Lasers: Vibrationally Mediated Chemistry
James Heath, California Institute of Technology: Nanosystems Biology; The James D. Morrison Seminar
Seth Cohen, University of California, San Diego: A Model-Based Approach to Metalloprotein Inhibitor Design
Sandra Rodriguez-Cruz, Southwest Laboratory of the Drug Enforcement Administration: A Day in the Life of a Forensic Chemist
F. Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Using Lasers to Explore and Control Chemical Reactions
Charles Carlin, Carleton College: A Carleton Chemist at Scotland Yard


Carleton Chemistry Faculty: Welcome Reception and Careers Seminar

Carleton Science Majors:  Annual All-Science/Math Poster Session

Martin Gruebele, University of Illinois, Urbana:  Slow Energy Flow and Fast Folding: The Complex Dynamics of Molecules Small and Large

Lara Weinstein Szewczak, Yale University:  Atoms matter! Nucleotide analogs reveal RNA-protein interactions in living cells

Peter J. Alaimo, University of California, San Francisco:  Chemical-genetics: A Tool for Decoding Cellular Signaling Pathways

Joseph Chihade, Williams College: Freaks, Geeks, and the Second Genetic Code: Mitochondrial Alanyl-tRNA Synthetases

Scott D. Rychnovsky, University of California, Irvine:  Prins Cyclization Reaction In Natural Product Synthesis

Dave Alberg, Steve Drew, Deborah Gross, Gretchen Hofmeister, Will Hollingsworth, Dani Kohen, Jerry Mohrig:  Summer 2003 Research in the Carleton Chemistry Department

Douglas H. Ohlendorf, University of Minnesota:  Structural Biology of Gram Positive Virulence

John Wright, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Coherent Multidimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy - The Optical Analogue to 2D-NMR

Natalia Tretyakova, University of Minnesota Cancer Center:  Mass Spectrometry of Chemically Modified DNA

Robert Fecik, University of Minnesota Cancer Center:  The Design of FtsZ Polymerization Inhibitors as Novel Antibacterial Agents

Robert Kennedy, University of Michigan:  Analytical Chemistry of Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Eric Simanek, Texas A&M University:  Dendrimers Based on Melamine: From Medicine to Materials for the Environment

Paul Archer, Jane Coughlin, Dominique Fontanilla, Will Myers, Laura Phillips, Julie Rivers, Carleton Chemistry Seniors:  DEBS Does Erythromycin: The BEST and ONLY Chemistry Comps Talk of 2003!!!

David E. Cane, Brown University:  Mechanism and Structure of Biosynthetic Enzymes. How Nature Makes Vitamin B6; The James D. Morrison Seminar in Chemistry

Eric Jacobsen, Harvard University:  Advances in Asymmetric Catalysis; The 2003 Lecture on Organic Synthesis, Sponsored by Organic Synthesis, Inc.

Andy Borovik, University of Kansas:  Rigid Organic Frameworks Around Metal Ions: Controlling Metal Ion Reactivity via the Secondary Coordination Sphere


Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Welcome Reception for New Majors: Fun, Food, and Festivities

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Careers Seminar: Help on Thinking About Graduate School and Finding a Job After Carleton

Paul Wender, Stanford University:  The Chemistry-Medicine Continuum: New Reactions, New Medicinal Leads, New Drug Delivery Systems (Joint seminar with/at St. Olaf)

Carleton Science Majors:  Annual All-Science/Math Poster Session

Luke Lightning, Purdue University:  Characterization of Mammalian Cytochrome P450 Active Sites

Carleton Science Faculty - Susan Singer (Biology), Chuck Carlin (Chemistry), Bereket Haileab (Geology), Arjendu Pattanayak (Physics):  How We Got Here: Carleton Science Faculty Discuss Their Academic and Professional Choices (Sigma Xi Interdisciplinary Seminar)

Kevin J. Quinn, University of Pennsylvania:  Synthetic Studies on the Marine Antitumor Agents Halichondrin B and Eleutherobin

Jennifer Swift, Georgetown University:  Atomic Force Microscopy of Pathogenic Crystals

Gretchen Hofmeister ('85), Gustavus Adolphus College:  Pharmaceuticals, Medical Sutures, and Plastic - The Titanium Connection

Dave Alberg, Steven Drew, Deborah Gross, Jerry Mohrig:  Summer 2002 Research At Carleton

Andrew Mobley ('91), Grinnell College:  Organometallics From an Organic Perspective: Progress Towards the Synthesis of Transition Metal Stannylenes

Robert Carlson, University of Minnesota, Duluth:  Polyanions and Birch Bark: Disparate Sources of Valuable Natural Products

Scott Kaufmann ('75), Mayo Clinic:  Telling Cells Their Time is Up:  The Biology and Biochemistry of Apoptosis (Joint seminar with biology)

Vicki Grassian, University of Iowa:  Laboratory Studies of Heterogeneous Atmospheric Reactions: Surface Reactions of HNO3 and N02 on Oxides, Carbonates, and Mineral Dust

Steven Drew, Carleton College:  How to Build a Platinum Nose or What I Did on my Sabbatical

Chris Clark, Carolyn Ocampo, Nick Olson,