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Student ChemDraw Download

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Useful Links to Chemistry-Related Web Sites

American Chemical Society Journals
Click on "Journals and Magazines" for the list of all ACS Journals, and proceed directly to the journal of interest, or click on "Search the Journals" to do basic searches on all of the ACS Journals.

Web of Knowledge
Access to the Web of Science (citation indexes) and to current contents connect.

SciFinder Scholar
Carleton has a license for this very powerful search tool offered by the Chemical Abstracts Service of the American Chemical Society. This link takes you to a library information page on the search tool. It is available for use on computers in Mudd Hall and the Library.

The NIST Chemistry Webbook
Lots of useful chemical information, including formulae, structures, thermodynamic data, and spectra (MS, IR, etc.).

Spectral Database of Organic Compounds, SDBS
An extremely useful spectral database with information on thousands of organic compounds. Here you'll find mass spectra, proton and carbon NMR spectra, IR spectra, and even some ESR spectra of selected organic radicals.

A really useful database to find facts about various chemicals. You can search on name, formula, molecular weight, CAS registry number, or structure and find info about all of the others.

Directory of Graduate Research
This is a great reference for students considering graduate school in the chemical sciences. You can quickly access information on faculty members and research programs at all U.S. graduate schools in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and biochemistry. Click "DGRweb" for the on-line version of the directory.

A fantastic online periodic table!

Student ChemDraw Download

As provided by Carleton's site license, students may download a copy of ChemDraw for their own use. To download a copy follow the instructions found at the link below.

Student Copy of ChemDraw Download

Research Poster Templates

Large format poster presentations are an important vehicle for disseminating research results. Posters can be prepared using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. Below are some templates that you might find useful as starting points for preparing a research poster.

Adobe Illustrator Poster Template 42 x 45

Adobe Illustrator Poster Template 42 x 60