Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities at Carleton

Every summer the faculty in the Chemistry Department offer research opportunities for undergraduate colleagues. Note that these summer research positions are only made available to Carleton students.

A summer stipend is paid to the undergraduate research colleague at the college's going rate for a ten-week period. These stipends are funded through individual grants that faculty have obtained to carry out their research or through general grants made to the college that support student-faculty research such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant.

We have instituted an application process to make sure everyone who is interested in research comes to the attention of the faculty. There are always more applicants than positions on campus, so all students are encouraged to apply for research positions off campus as well.

See an overview of the application process for chemistry summer research at Carleton, including application procedures and specifics on research opportunities.

Our application process begins with our Summer Research Recruiting Seminar in January. At the seminar, faculty planning on hiring student research colleagues will provide brief descriptions of their research.

Research Opportunities at Other Colleges and Universities

There are literally hundreds of undergraduate research opportunities at various colleges and universities throughout the country. Many of these are open to general application from any undergraduate, even if you are not enrolled at their institution. The range of research areas in also enormous. If you have a specific research interest, it is very likely that a research opportunity exists that you are eligible to apply for. Check out some of the links listed below to begin your search. There are also paper copies of many announcements posted in the hallway of  the Chemistry Department office in Old Music Hall.

General Announcements

Specific Announcements

For the current academic year, specific research announcements can be found in The Weekly Beaker; search under the Summer Research category.