Aaron Suiter, Class of 2015

Majors: Classical Languages and Math

Career interests: Landscape Architecture

Favorite ancient text: Homer's Iliad

Favorite ancient author: Cicero. Who is more sophisticated in their language? 

Favorite ancient ritual: Eleusinian Mysteries (the name says it all)

Favorite modern-day salute to antiquity: I like that gladiator sandals/heels have trended these past few years. I'd like to see more classically inspired fashion (e.g. mini-capes and floppy hats for men)

Favorite thing about the Carleton Classics Department: We have great professors, we read the best literature ever, and sometimes taking classics makes me feel like a 19th century aristocrat.

Favorite Classics class: I really enjoyed Latin Composition with Jackson Bryce, and I especially liked the outdated textbook we used (19th century). If I ever need to write a letter in Latin explaining that my father has gone away to India to lead a military campaign, I'll have no problem doing so.

"Audentes fortuna iuvat"