Welcome to the Computer Science Department at Carleton! Our department offers a collaborative environment where students, faculty, and staff work together to pursue the study of computing in its variety of forms. Computer science today interacts deeply with all areas of life, and this interdisciplinary nature is reflected in the work that we do, whether it be class assignments, capstone (“comps”) projects, or research efforts undertaken by faculty and students.

As a discipline, computer science is about far more than computers: it is the systematic study of processes for solving problems. At Carleton, our computer science program focuses on understanding how to think about these processes, how to program computers to carry out important tasks efficiently, and how to apply the ideas of computer science to just about everything.

Students in our program have a variety of interests and backgrounds. Many of our computer science graduates find careers in the tech industry, either at startup companies or established tech giants. Some pursue graduate study, either in computer science directly or in related areas such as computational biology or cognitive science. Others become teachers, lawyers, restaurateurs, laundromat owners, opera singers, and doctors. Many more students at Carleton who major in other subjects choose to take our courses to help prepare them for the computational needs of their own fields of study.

We invite you to explore our website, to contact us, and to visit.