Computer Science Events

May 24

CS Tea Talk by Frank McNally

Frank McNally, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Carleton College will be speaking.

Thursday, May 24th, 2018
4:00 – 5:00 pm / CMC 209

Air-Shower Reconstruction: the search for high-energy cosmic-ray sources

As recent discoveries with neutrinos and gravitational waves usher in a new era of multi-messenger astronomy, it is important to look at the particles that started the whole field: cosmic rays. These charged particles from space include the highest-energy particles ever detected, with energies many times greater than anything produced on Earth. Now, over a hundred years after their discovery, we are still asking some fundamental questions, namely, "What are they made of?" and "Where do they come from?". Advances in machine-learning techniques and simulation may be the key to answering these questions for the first time. This work is part of a larger effort in multi-messenger astronomy to "see" the Universe in a completely new light; it is a science of discovery where we don't know what we will find!

Sponsored by Computer Science. Contact: Sue Jandro