Computer Science Events

Feb 14

Adventures Developing a Lexicon for Home Network Troubleshooting Tools

CS Tea this week will feature Professor Amy Csizmar-Dalal discussing her recent research.

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
4:00 – 5:00 pm / CMC 301

Isn't That a Burger Chain?  Adventures in Developing a Lexicon for Home Network Troubleshooting Tools

Speaker:  Amy Csizmar-Dalal

How do you design troubleshooting tools for home computer networks that real people can actually use and understand? A good place to start is making sure that these tools use language and terminology that real people understand. But how do you figure that out? In this talk, I'll discuss how a "failed" interview experiment led us to rethink our approach to answering this question, and what an online card sorting experiment taught us about people's mental models of computer networks. Along the way, I'll share how I adopted the persona of a social scientist, a bunch of word clouds, and our Top 10 Favorite Category Labels from our card sorting experiment.

Sponsored by Computer Science. Contact: Paula Stowe, Computer Science Department