Computer Science Events

Feb 4

CS Tea Talk: Summer Research Opportunities

Summer opportunities in the Computer Science Department

Thursday, February 4th, 2021
4:00 – 4:45 pm / Via Zoom

Discover more about summer opportunities in the CS department

There are four projects, advised by three faculty members, where student help is being sought this summer:

  • Decoding tech support: Expertise identification and trust negotiation of help-seekers and help-givers (Amy Csizmar Dalal)
  • Investigating Communication and Modeling Microbiome Evolution (Anya Vostinar)
  • Rearchitecting Dragon Architect (Aaron Bauer)
  • Understanding Attention, Information Gathering, and Expertise in Starcraft 2 (Aaron Bauer)

You can read more about each of these projects here. There's a link to the application here, which is due by 5pm on Monday, February 15. Summer positions are full time and pay $480 per week.  Additionally, there are likely a few non-research, paid summer positions in the department that you may hear about at this tea and plenty of time to ask questions.

Sponsored by Computer Science Events. Contact: Paula Stowe