Computer Science Events

Oct 1

CS Tea Talk: Student Research

Thursday, October 1st, 2020
4:00 – 4:45 pm / Via Zoom
Student Research Experiences

CS Tea: Student research

Carleton students Kaeden Berg, Oliver Calder, and Molly Kammann will speak about their experiences doing summer research with CS faculty.

- Kaeden Berg, who worked with Sneha Narayan on “Exploring Wikipedia’s “Supreme Court”
- Oliver Calder, who worked with Aaron Bauer on "Faster Cloud Computing: Rust, Unikernels, and Serverless Computing"
- Molly Kammann, who worked with Anya Vostinar on "Creating a Javascript-based UI to Model Biological Mutualism

They'll each tell us a little bit about their work and about what doing research in computer science was like; we'll have lots of time for questions about the individual research work as well as about their research experiences in general.

CS Tea is taking place on Zoom this term. Sign up for the cs-interest mailing list to get the weekly link and join us via Zoom.


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