Computer Science Events

Oct 22

CS Tea Talk with Neem Serra

Being a Cupcake in a Doughnut World: Understanding and Combating Unconscious Bias

4:00 – 4:45 pm / Via Zoom

Neem Serra (iOS developer at Stitch Fix) will give a talk entitled "Being a Cupcake in a Doughnut World: Understanding and Combating Unconscious Bias."

Have you ever felt like you're a cupcake in a doughnut world because everyone around you seems nice but you feel out of place for some reason. Or, do you feel like you're a good person who is unaware of the negative ways that you affect people? Do you want to be better about creating an inclusive world? Unconscious biases affect our perceptions, decisions, and interactions every day. They’re the biases that we don’t actively realize that we have. How do we address biases if we don’t know about them? We’ll discuss how you can change the way you act today to actively work towards countering bias!

Neem Serra is an iOS developer at Stitch Fix who lives in the St. Louis area. She is one of the North American leads for Google’s Women Techmakers group and she loves to help people progress in their careers in tech. In pre-Covid times, she used to host large tech conferences and travel the world to do conference talks. Nowadays, she is obsessed with cute clothes, cupcakes, craft nights, and Coca-Cola. You can usually find her trying to eat delicious food in peace while fending off her ravenous toddler.

Sponsored by Computer Science Events. Contact: Paula Stowe