Computer Science Events

May 6

CS Tea Talk

Nediyana Daskalova, Research Scientist at Spotify, will be speaking about her research.

Thursday, May 6th, 2021
4:00 – 4:45 pm / Zoom
Self-E: Smartphone-Supported Guidance for Customizable Self-Experimentation 
The ubiquity of self-tracking devices and smartphone apps has empowered people to collect data about themselves and try to self-improve. However, people with little to no personal analytics experience may not be able to analyze data or run experiments on their own (self-experiments). In this talk, I will present Self-E: an app, which guides users through the experiment, with the goal to lower the barrier to intervention-based self-experimentation. We conducted two studies in order to learn how people carry out self-experiments with the help of Self-E and what challenges they face along the way. We find that users are influenced by their preconceived notions of how healthy a given behavior is, making it difficult to follow Self-E’s directions and trusting its results. The talk will present suggestions to overcome this challenge, such as by incorporating empathy and scaffolding in the system itself.

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