Computer Science Events

Feb 28

CS Tea Talk: Programming With Style

Eliane Wiese, research faculty at the University of Utah, will speak about her computer science education research.

Thursday, February 28th, 2019
4:00 – 5:00 pm / CMC 301

"Programming with Style: Moving beyond code that works to code that’s nice to work with"

Speaker: Speaker: Eliane Wiese, University of Utah

Intro programming classes focus on teaching students to write programs that work the way they should. However, in professional environments, functionality isn’t enough. Code also needs to be easy for other humans to understand and change. It needs to have good style. While computer science students see lots of examples of code with good style, that’s not enough for students to learn how to use it. Maybe students don’t know what good style is? This is more common for more complicated kinds of code, and for students who have taken fewer courses. At the same time, lots of students write with poor style even when they know better. Maybe good style is harder for students to understand? This seems to be true for some code examples, but for others, students understand well- and poorly-styled code equally well. This talk will focus on research in computer science education and discuss these questions in relation to seven common style problems.

This will be the last CS Tea talk of the term, due to the Comps Gala the following week.

Sponsored by Computer Science. Contact: Paula Stowe, Computer Science Department