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May 15

CS Tea Time

Come weekly to the "tea time" with CS faculty and students. Anyone interested in CS is welcome.

Thursday, May 15th, 2014
4:00 – 5:00 pm / Leighton 305

Amy Hurst who is an Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing in the Information Systems Department at UMBC will be giving a talk.

Title: Exploring the Possibilities of Do-It-Yourself Assistive Technology    


Assistive Technologies empower individuals to accomplish tasks they might not be able to do otherwise. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Assistive Technology devices that are purchased end up unused or abandoned, leaving many people with Assistive Technology that is inappropriate for their needs. Low acceptance rates of Assistive Technology occur for many reasons, but common factors include 1) lack of considering user opinion in selection, 2) ease in obtaining devices, 3) poor device performance, and 4) changes in user needs and priorities. My students and I are working to help more people gain access to the Assistive Technology they need by empowering non-engineers to “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) and create, modify, or build. In this talk I will discuss the vision I see for how how a new generation of rapid prototyping tools and online communities can empower more individuals, and the work I have done to build tools that support DIY AT creation.


Amy Hurst is an assistant professor of Human-Centered Computing in the Information Systems Department at UMBC and studies accessibility problems and builds assistive technologies. Most of her research focuses on solving accessibility problems through developing new assistive technologies. She and Shaun Kane head up the Prototyping and Design Lab ("the pad") at UMBC. Amy received her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the HCII at Carnegie Mellon in 2010 with Scott Hudson and Jennifer Mankoff. Before that, she was an undergraduate in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and worked with Thad Starner in the Contextual Computing Group.


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