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May 13

CS Tea Talk

Discovering Patterns of Insulin Use and Blood Glucose Concentrations in Type I Diabetics

Thursday, May 13th, 2021
4:00 – 4:45 pm / Zoom

Professors Sarah Meerts and Dave Musicant and Carleton seniors Cole DiIanni and Gracie Little talking about their work on "Discovering Patterns of Insulin Use and Blood Glucose Concentrations in Type I Diabetics" (see details below).

People with Type I diabetes need to manage their blood glucose levels by administering insulin, either via injection or a pump. A key factor that drives how much insulin a diabetic needs is their insulin sensitivity, which determines how much insulin they need to help metabolize their glucose. Insulin sensitivity varies not only between people, but it also changes over time for a particular person. If one could figure out how to model changes in insulin sensitivity, more accurate insulin pumps could be built which would help to keep diabetics healthier.
We've been able to make use of data from a non-profit organization named Tidepool, which enables diabetics to donate data collected from their glucose monitors and from their insulin pumps. Our goal is to use this data to help discover how glucose levels, insulin usage, or insulin sensitivity varies over time or across different demographics. In particular, we've been trying to confirm a hypothesis that insulin sensitivity varies in conjunction with menstrual cycles. If we can confirm and quantify this hypothesis, it would have direct implications on insulin pump logic for relevant individuals.
This project is a work in progress. We don't yet have the answers to problems that we've been pursuing, but we've learned a lot while trying to do so! In our talk, we'll describe the background knowledge that supports our work, we'll explain some of the analysis approaches that we're using, and we'll present some of our partial results.
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