Computer Science Events


February 2017

Thursday, February 23rd

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Seth Johnson, Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota will be giving a talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

March 2017

Thursday, March 2nd

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Dave Musicant, Professor of Computer Science here at Carleton College will be giving a talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Saturday, March 4th

Thursday, March 9th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Dr. Tonya Ward, Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Minnesota will be giving talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, March 30th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Come weekly to the "tea time" with CS faculty and students. Anyone interested in CS is welcome.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

April 2017

Tuesday, April 4th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • "Myths and Mysteries in Network Protocols", by Dr. Radia Perlman.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Wednesday, April 5th

Thursday, April 6th

Thursday, April 20th

Thursday, April 27th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Shilad Sen, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Macalester College will be giving a talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

May 2017

Thursday, May 4th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Anna Rafferty, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carleton College will be giving a talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, May 11th

Tuesday, May 16th

Thursday, May 18th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Jan Pearce, Professor of Computer and Information Science at Berea College (currently visiting at St. Olaf College) will be giving a talk.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

September 2017

Thursday, September 14th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Welcome and Panel Discussion on "What is Research?", Eric Alexander, Amy Csizmar Dalal, and Blake Howald.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, September 21st

Thursday, September 28th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Research Talk: Emily Johnston '15, Google, "Detecting Argument Selection Defects".
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

October 2017

Thursday, October 5th

Thursday, October 12th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Research Talk: Chad Myers, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, October 19th

Thursday, October 26th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Research Talk: Kyle Rector, Department of Computer Science, University of Iowa
    • 4:30 pm, CMC 209

November 2017

Thursday, November 2nd

Thursday, November 9th

February 2018

Thursday, February 8th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • This week we will be talking about summer research opportunities here in the Computer Science Department.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, February 15th

Thursday, February 22nd

March 2018

Saturday, March 3rd

Tuesday, March 27th

April 2018

Thursday, April 5th

  • CS Tea Talk Series
    • Jasmine Jones, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will be speaking.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 206

Thursday, April 12th

Thursday, April 19th

Thursday, April 26th

May 2018

Thursday, May 3rd

Thursday, May 10th

Thursday, May 17th

  • CS Tea Talk by Lana Yarosh
    • Lana Yarosh, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will be speaking.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Thursday, May 24th

  • CS Tea Talk by Frank McNally
    • Frank McNally, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Carleton College will be speaking.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

June 2018

Friday, June 8th

September 2018

Thursday, September 13th

Thursday, September 20th

Thursday, September 27th

Saturday, September 29th

October 2018

Thursday, October 4th

Thursday, October 11th

Thursday, October 18th

Thursday, October 25th

November 2018

Thursday, November 1st

  • CS Tea Talk by Andrew Wilson
    • Andrew Wilson, Academic Technologist for Digital Scholarship at Carleton College will be speaking.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 209

Monday, November 5th

Thursday, November 8th

February 2019

Tuesday, February 5th

Thursday, February 7th

Thursday, February 14th

Tuesday, February 19th

Thursday, February 21st

Thursday, February 28th

March 2019

Saturday, March 9th

  • Computer Science Comps Gala
    • Senior Computer Science Majors Comps Presentations
    • 10:00 am, Weitz Cinema, Weitz 236, and Shackel Rehearsal Hall

April 2019

Wednesday, April 3rd

Thursday, April 11th

  • CS Tea Talk
    • Complexity of Computing Real Numbers -- Titus Klinge, visiting assistant professor of Computer Science, will lead this discussion.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 301

Wednesday, April 17th

Thursday, April 18th

Thursday, April 25th

May 2019

Thursday, May 2nd

  • CS Tea Talk: Margo Seltzer
    • Professor Margo Seltzer (University of British Columbia) will speak about her research.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 301

Thursday, May 9th

Thursday, May 16th

Thursday, May 23rd

Thursday, May 30th

June 2019

Friday, June 21st

September 2019

Thursday, September 19th

Tuesday, September 24th

Thursday, September 26th

October 2019

Wednesday, October 2nd

Thursday, October 3rd

Monday, October 7th

Thursday, October 10th

Monday, October 14th

Tuesday, October 15th

Friday, October 18th

Thursday, October 24th

Saturday, October 26th

Thursday, October 31st

  • CS Tea Talk: CS for Sports Analytics
    • CS for Sports Analytics-Building a Real-Time Win Prediction System for Ultimate Frisbee. Speaker: Sam Tucker, visiting inst. in CS.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 301

November 2019

Tuesday, November 5th

Thursday, November 7th

Thursday, November 14th

February 2020

Thursday, February 6th

Thursday, February 13th

Thursday, February 20th

Saturday, February 29th

March 2020

Thursday, March 5th

  • CS Tea Talk: Tanya Amert
    • Tanya Amert, visiting instructor in computer science, will speak about her research on real-time systems. Join us for tea and cookies.
    • 4:00 pm, CMC 301

May 2020

Thursday, May 14th

September 2020

Thursday, September 17th

  • CS Tea Talk: Social
    • Connect or reconnect with faculty and fellow students who are interested in CS. Today's event will be held via Discord.
    • 4:00 pm, Via Zoom

Wednesday, September 23rd

Thursday, September 24th

Tuesday, September 29th

October 2020

Thursday, October 1st

Thursday, October 8th

Thursday, October 15th

Friday, October 16th

Thursday, October 22nd

Thursday, October 29th

November 2020

Thursday, November 5th

Thursday, November 12th

January 2021

Thursday, January 14th

Thursday, January 21st

Friday, January 22nd

Saturday, January 23rd

Sunday, January 24th

Monday, January 25th

Tuesday, January 26th

Wednesday, January 27th

Thursday, January 28th

February 2021

Thursday, February 4th

Thursday, February 11th

Thursday, February 18th

Saturday, February 27th

March 2021

Thursday, March 4th

April 2021

Thursday, April 1st

Thursday, April 8th

Thursday, April 15th

Thursday, April 22nd

Thursday, April 29th

May 2021

Thursday, May 6th

  • CS Tea Talk
    • Nediyana Daskalova, Research Scientist at Spotify, will be speaking about her research.
    • 4:00 pm, Zoom

Thursday, May 13th

  • CS Tea Talk
    • Computational Crafting: Professor Anne Sullivan from Georgia Tech
    • 4:00 pm, Zoom
  • CS Tea Talk
    • Discovering Patterns of Insulin Use and Blood Glucose Concentrations in Type I Diabetics
    • 4:00 pm, Zoom

Saturday, May 22nd

September 2021

Tuesday, September 21st

Monday, September 27th

Thursday, September 30th

October 2021

Thursday, October 7th

Monday, October 11th

Tuesday, October 12th

Thursday, October 14th

Thursday, October 21st

Thursday, October 28th

November 2021

Thursday, November 4th

Thursday, November 11th

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