Guide to the CS Major: Progress through the Major

Schedule of Courses

Please see the CS Course Guide for the structure of the major, the recent schedule of our course offerings, and for advising notes about our courses.  (Click through on the courses of interest.)

Typical Sequences

  • Getting started in the major:
    • Some typical course sequences are shown in this pdf: 2016-2017 CS Course Guide
    • Students should complete all 200 level classes as quickly as possible.
  • Continuing in the major: A list of electives with future goals in mind.
    • Software Development
      • Computer Networks (CS 331)
      • Database Systems (CS 334)
    • Graduate School in Computer Science
      • Computer Networks (CS 331)
      • Operating Systems (CS 332)
      • As many Computer Science electives as possible
      • As much Math as possible
    • Graduate School in Cognitive Science
      • Artificial Intelligence (CS 321)
      • Natural Language Processing (CS 322)
    • Graduate School in Computational Biology
      • Data Mining (CS 324)
      • Database Systems (CS 334)
    • Graduate School in other areas
      • Please come and talk to us.  We are more than willing to discuss options with you.