Math 111

To complete the CS major, students must have Carleton credit for Math 111 (Calc 1). Students may also satisfy this requirement with credit for Math 101. Some Carleton students have previous calculus experience but do not have Carleton credit for Math 111; for these students, we grant an exception by allowing other courses to stand in for Math 111:

  • Any student who has earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus AB or BC exam but has not earned Carleton credit for Math 111 must complete either (i) a 6-credit Math Department course for which Math 111 is a prerequisite, or (ii) Math 215.  Retaking Math 111 is also acceptable, though not recommended.
  • Under all other circumstances, students must complete Math 111 or another 6-credit Math Department course for which Math 111 is a prerequisite.

Note that a high score on the Math Department placement exam does not satisfy this requirement, as the placement exam grants only placement rather than Carleton credit.

Placement without Credit

In unusual circumstances, a student has done work outside of Carleton that's essentially equivalent to some course in our curriculum, but the student does not have Carleton credit for that experience. (This situation can arise in a number of different ways, including self-study or a student exceeding the cap on prematriculation credits.) In this case, we can normally grant placement out of the corresponding Carleton course; if you eventually become a CS major, we'll normally ask you to make up the resulting "credit deficit" in the major by taking an additional elective.

CS Elective Requirements and Off-Campus Study

To complete the CS major, students must earn 12 Carleton credits from CS electives (non-required CS courses numbered 200 or above, excluding independent study, senior seminar, and comps). Normally, CS majors satisfy this requirement by taking two 6-credit CS courses at Carleton. However, in some off-campus study programs, students may take a course appropriate as a CS elective but that counts for fewer than 6 Carleton credits. Students in this situation should consult with the chair of the CS department to discuss their particular circumstances; in some situations, we may be able to waive a small credit deficit in this requirement.