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Sep 27

Google - Student/Googler 1:1's

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We encourage you to sign up for multiple events and learn from Google representatives while they are on campus!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
Spend the day with Google!


Google (Tech) Day - Tuesday, September 26-28th

Carleton alumni will be on campus to talk about their jobs at Google and how to get your foot in the door. We encourage you to participate in more than one event! Anyone with an interest in computer science and/or software development is welcome!

  • Please RSVP via the Tunnel AND Google's RSVP site. Note that the events in the Tunnel are all located under Events and the Workshop tab.

Tues., Sept. 26th

Google Technical Interview Demo
4:30-6:00pm - CMC 206
Technical Interview Workshop/Demo: Have you ever wondered if Google still asks you how many pennies fit on a school bus? During this demo, three Google software engineers will address that myth, walk you through our technical interview process AND perform a mock interview!

Wed., Sept. 27th

Student/Googler 1:1's
(20 minute slots) Career Center, Johnson House
If you’d like to spend 20 minutes 1:1 with a Googler, then this event is for you! Fill out our Event Interest Form to indicate your interest in a technical mock interview, technical resume review, or networking and mark your availability. Spaces fill fast!

Engineering Intern Panel
- CMC 206

Curious about what the life of a Google engineer is like? Want to know if the food is really the best part about working at Google? Come find out! Four Google interns/current Carleton students will be answering questions live!

Application Details:

We're hiring! We encourage you to apply online now. Check out and for more details.

Positions are also listed in the Tunnel under Google. For all other opportunities, visit


What roles are you hiring for?
Most of our available opportunities for technical students are within our software engineering teams. Check out the roles below for more details. For all other opportunities, visit

Google full-time roles:

Google internship roles:

Can I apply for multiple positions?
Yes, you can apply for as many roles and locations as you’d like. We’ll review your resume and transcript to determine the best match.

When are the application deadlines?
Apply now! We encourage you to apply sooner rather than later, since most of our full time roles and internships accept applications on a rolling basis. If there is a deadline for a specific position, it will say so on the job posting.

What do I need to submit when I apply?
Please upload your resume and a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine).

So I really don’t need a cover letter?
Correct! Have your resume tell your story!

I applied previously and wasn’t selected. May I reapply?
Yes, but we generally recommend that you’ve gained at least six months of additional technical experience and knowledge before reapplying.

Are international students eligible to apply for internships or full-time roles?
Yes, international students can apply for internships and full-time roles.

I’m planning to graduate this academic year, can I apply for an internship?
Unfortunately you aren’t able to do an internship after you graduate, so you’ll need to apply for a full-time role. If you’re graduating, but plan to pursue a graduate degree, then you can apply for an internship.

I want to intern on Android/Maps/[insert Google product here]. How do I apply for those teams?
You’ll first need to pass two technical phone interviews then a recruiter will work with you to determine a project match for the summer. You’ll have the chance to express interest in certain teams, tell us more about your background/skills, etc. once you’ve completed the technical interviews.

I applied online but haven’t heard back from anyone. Help?!
First, make sure you received the confirmation email that we received your application. Second, reply to us at so we can check the status of your application.

Sponsored by Career Center. Contact: Andrea Kubinski, x5511