Computer Science Events

Sep 28

CS Tea Talk Series

Research Talk: Emily Johnston '15, Google, "Detecting Argument Selection Defects".

Thursday, September 28th, 2017
4:00 – 5:00 pm / CMC 209

How do companies with very large codebases like Google prevent bugs from affecting users and causing costly outages? One method is via static analysis, or automated bug detection that examines code without running it. This talk will give an introduction to static analysis concepts, and present an algorithm to detect bugs in which methods are invoked with their arguments out of order, by examining identifier names. We will also explore the results of running this analysis at scale on over 200 million lines of Java code, and present the implications of our findings for software design principles.
See for the full paper


Emily Johnston, '15, is a Software Engineer at Google. Since completing the Engineering Residency program, she works on the Error Prone static analysis framework ( on the Javac compiler team. During her time at Carleton, she co-founded Lovelace, was a Student Departmental Adviser, and evolved Roombas to chase each other. Now she lives in silicon valley with her two pet guinea pigs, and still occasionally employs the swing dancing skills she learned at Carleton.

Sponsored by Computer Science. Contact: Sue Jandro, x4360