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Student Artistic Collaboration

March 30, 2012

Message from Nikki Melville, Associate Professor of Music

This email is to solicit applications from students who might be interested in working with me (Nikki Melville, pianist in the Music Department) on an interdisciplinary concert of piano music + dance/film/computer imagery/art/poetry etc. I have been commissioned by Viz, the Visuality initiative on campus, to put together a presentation for their Visuality Conference this coming Fall, 2012.  The music ranges from traditional (Chopin, Debussy) to modern ragtime, John Cage prepared piano, and more mainstream contemporary music--each student would pick which piece(s) he/she would like to respond to, and you would then have a large amount of latitude in fashioning a creative response that would happen alongside my performance. The music is beautiful, interesting, evocative and fun, and I am genuinely excited to see what the students will come up with; I'm envisioning dance, film composition, live film with dance, interactive computer programs that respond and create projected imagery in real time, art pieces, poetry...should be great!

This would be a part-time paid nonresidential summer collaboration, with some production meetings in the first part of the fall term, culminating in the concert on Sunday, September 30. Here are the pertinent details:

- the concert would comprise me playing piano, with film/dance/imagery etc as an additional interpretive element.
- the concert will be in the Weitz theater, on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept 30
- there would be approximately 8 students collaborators from a number of disciplines
- each student would be responsible for 5-6 minutes of music
- each student would be paid for a total of 40 hours of work, including informational/set-up meetings this spring 2012, independent summer work (does NOT have to be on-campus), and rehearsals ahead of the concert on September 30.
- there will be technical support and student assistants for the Fall event; your involvement in the production part of the event will be only as much as you wish, and will not interfere with class work in any way.


- spring: maybe 2 meetings where we listen to the music, make selections, look at some examples of this kind of collaboration, discuss artistic meaning, interdisciplinarity and the basic logistics of the project.

- summer: students will work independently to create their work, and can work from anywhere. I will be available at the beginning and end of the summer for in-person conversation and guidance, and via the internet during the middle part of the summer.

- fall: rehearsals will take place in advance of the performance on Sept 30, as part of the Visuality conference. Because each student is only a small part of the performance, rehearsal time for each piece will not be lengthy.

This will be a real-world collaborative experience, a chance to be paid for your creative work with the advantage of location flexibility, and an opportunity to model the kind of interdisciplinary artistic conversation that could become more common at Carleton. I'm really excited about the possibilities, and I think the concert will draw a really diverse audience.

Interested students should send me a brief statement of their interest, and a short resume that lists background in your own discipline, and any relevant experiences on or off campus. If you want to also attach work samples, that would be welcome, but not required.  The deadline will be April 20, and applications should be sent to nmelvill@carleton.edu. Graduating seniors are sadly not eligible for funding for this project.

If you have any questions, please contact me at nmelvill@carleton.edu.

I can also make time to meet in person with any and all students who
might want to discuss the project.