Mini Courses

To give students an opportunity to learn some languages and topics not discussed in other classes the following courses are available. These courses are considered 0 credit independent studies. Students will have access to a detailed syllabus for each course that outlines readings and exercises (with sample solutions available). For help with these courses, please contact Mike Tie ( x4067)

Note that many of these courses make reference to the use of a textbook; these textbooks should all be available in the library. If you cannot find one of the books there, let Mike Tie know.

These courses are offered as the culmination of a 2008-2009 Computer Science Comps project by Evan Drenning, Michael Gross, Jake Hilty, Max Olivier, and Galen Wetterling. We thank our advisor, Dave Musicant, for all of his help and hope you find the courses enjoyable and rewarding.

In 2009, additional courses were created by William Levine, Erik Ruggles, and John Sweetnam.