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Summer 2014 Research Projects

Below you will find a list of faculty that will be conducting research during the Summer of 2014 and are looking for research students. 

Project: Self-Healing Home Networks (Amy Csizmar Dalal)

Self-healing networks, or networks that can detect potential problems and fix them before the end user is aware of the problem, are the holy grail of networking research. Self-healing networks make computer networks more usable and more user-friendly, as well as easier to deploy and manage. These features make self-healing networks especially attractive for the home: home users are often not technical experts, yet home networks are increasingly as complex or more complex than institutional networks, requiring a high level of technical expertise to deploy and maintain. Self-healing networks have the potential to make high-functioning, well-designed networks available to all home users. The existence of such networks in turn paves the way for the creation and deployment of new and innovative rich media applications (immersive gaming, telepresence, and high-quality entertainment, to name a few).

In this project, we'll explore self-healing home networks. Our main goal will be to determine how the home network behaves and performs under various conditions: different mixes of devices and applications, different mobility models, different topologies, etc. We'll also explore some usability issues in home network design. This will entail some combination of designing tools to help home users better administer and understand their home networks, and surveying home network users to better understand their experiences with home networks. This project bridges the fields of networking and human-computer interaction (HCI), so if you are interested in either area, this project is for you!

I plan on hiring 2 positions for the summer. One of the positions will be for 8 weeks of research. The other position will be for 5 weeks of research and 3 weeks of working as a research assistant for our summer computer science institute, where you will get the chance to mentor high school students in some of the HCI-related aspects of this project.

CS 201 or its equivalent is appropriate preparation for this project. Experience with statistics, networks, design, and/or psychology is a plus, but is not required.