Research in the CS Department


Faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Carleton maintain rich research programs, in a wide variety of topics. Although some of our work sits within the traditional boundaries of computer science, much more of our research is interdisciplinary, as we work to examine how computing can answer questions and provide useful tools in many contexts. Our faculty present and publish at major research conferences and in academic journals.

Opportunities for Students

We are committed to working with undergraduates in our research, and a considerable portion of our published work is coauthored by Carleton students.

The majority of our research opportunities for students take place over the summer, and are paid positions.  For opportunities to get involved with research during the academic year, follow our department newsletter for advertisements.

2017 Summer Research with a Department Faculty Member

The Computer Science Department at Carleton College is committed to providing undergraduate students with research opportunities. The majority of our research opportunities take place over the summer, and are paid positions.   The standard stipend rate for 2017 is $450/week of full-time research.

Projects for Summer 2017

Submit an application to the department.  To be eligible, you must be a current Carleton student.  Graduating seniors are not eligible.  The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

You will be asked to indicate your project(s) of interest and submit an unofficial transcript as part of the application process.  Your application is not complete until we receive an unofficial transcript.

Students are supported through a variety of grant programs; ultimately, how many students we hire will depend on how much grant money we receive.

2017 Summer Computer Science Institute

The Carleton Summer Computer Science Institute (SCSI) is a 3 week summer program for high school students. We hire Carleton students to work as research assistants (RAs) for the program. These RAs work with the high school students to help them learn CS content both in structured labs and also in open-ended research projects. You can read more in this RA job description. To indicate your interest, submit an application by 5 pm. on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

If you wish, you may apply for both positions above. Depending on your schedule and the faculty member you are working with, it may be possible to do research with a faculty member for part of the summer, and work as a SCSI RA for another part of the summer. It is also possible that you might be hired for one of the two positions if you apply for both.