Welcome to the Department of Economics

Economics provides a coherent method of analyzing the distribution and growth of scarce human and material resources. Applying economic principles can lead to outcomes that benefit all of society. Using resources in more intelligent ways increases the likelihood of alleviating poverty, mitigating environmental degradation, and providing for future generations.

Faculty members in our department work together with students to develop a common theoretical core and then apply these principles to a wide variety of topics. In evaluating alternative policies to achieve various objectives, we cast a critical eye at the objectives and the assumptions of the models. When possible, we put theoretical models to empirical scrutiny.

Faculty members vary in age, background, experience, and personality, but we are united chiefly in our commitment to teach well and to convey to our students the excitement and immense value of studying economics. We also seek to apply the training we received in leading graduate programs and in subsequent research activities to the problems facing a variety of economies. We have received grants for special studies from foundations, we have published articles in leading economics journals, and we have authored books. Our research has been conducted in the United States, Europe, Bangladesh, Russia and Sri Lanka.