Carleton Seminar in Cambridge

Kings College Chapel
Every summer since 1983, a member of the department leads a group of about 24 Carleton students in a program based at the University of Cambridge, the intellectual home of John Maynard Keynes and Alfred Marshall. Courses are taught by the program director and Professor Solomos Solomou, a member of the Cambridge economics faculty. Subject matter often includes the industrial revolution, the contemporary British economy and the history of economic thought. Though the seminar focuses on economics, it is open to all Carleton students. In addition to classroom study, students make a number of excursions to sites of cultural and economic interest. This includes a week-long trip to the north of England. During this trip, students see first hand a number of important artifacts from the industrial revolution. The program directorship rotates among members of the faculty. The course of study is equal to 18 credits, 14 of which count toward the major.

Nathan Grawe will be our Summer 2014 Faculty Director

2014 Cambridge Program Online Application