Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP)


History of MISP

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP) was launched in 2006 and is available to students at several private colleges in Minnesota, including Carleton.  In the processes of clinical practice and conducting research, Mayo Clinic scientists develop new products that may be marketable. These products are submitted to the Mayo Clinic Ventures Office for a thorough investigation of its technology and its marketability.  Each year, MISP teams are assigned projects for investigation and research with formal presentations at Mayo Clinic in March.

MISP was developed by the Mayo Clinic and John Meslow, a retired Medtronic executive, with support from the Medtronic Foundation and Mayo Clinic. The program has three main objectives: (1) to assist Mayo's Office of Intellectual Property in the evaluation of new product submissions by Mayo inventors, (2) to provide research internship opportunities for undergraduate science and business students, and (3) to provide leadership development for graduate students.  

MISP at Carleton This Year

Teams consist of a graduate student in business or leadership, 2 undergraduate biology or chemistry students, and 2 undergraduate economics students. The team also works closely with a Project Manager from the Mayo Clinic OIP.  Teams work together to understand the science and applications of the projects or innovations and analyze the market potential. The end result of the team investigation will be a business plan and final presentation at Mayo Clinic.     

Each undergraduate student on the team receives $1000 and the team will have some funds to pay for copies and other administrative costs. MISP team orientation is held in late October at Mayo in Rochester (This year on October 25 or October 26). Teams will begin work during October, and complete the projects in February with a significant time commitment in January. The final presentation will be on March 7 or March 8 at Mayo in Rochester, MN. NOTE: It is MANDATORY that team members attend orientation in Rochester in October, continue work on the project over our winter break in December, and that they attend the assigned final presentation at Mayo for the entire day in March.

Carleton’s faculty mentors Debby Walser-Kuntz (Biology), Matt Rand (Biology) and Bruce Dalgaard (Economics), will review the applications and make selections in early October.

Additional Info:

Because of the nature of the project, it is difficult to identify exactly how many hours it will entail and what your specific tasks will be. Think carefully about your other academic and co-curricular activities and the time you have to commit to the project.  All of the products are proprietary and team members will need to sign a confidentiality agreement with Mayo Clinic. If you are selected to become a team member, you will have to sign the confidentiality agreement before we can give you more information about the teams and the projects.

Additional Mayo Innovation Scholars Program info.  You are encouraged to talk with participating faculty mentors about this exciting opportunity. Other faculty members who have previously worked with MISP teams are Stephan Zweifel, Aaron Swoboda and Chris Calderone.