Preparing Recommendation Letters for Economics Majors


Most of you will soon be asking the Career Center to have Department members write letters of recommendation for you, and one or two of you may ask us to write letters directly to a graduate school, a government agency, or a business firm. It will make our job much easier, and it will also make your letter of recommendation much more effective, if you would comment on the questions below.

Your comments, of course, will be kept strictly confidential. Please do not feel that because a question is asked, e.g., "Mathematical background" or "Summer experience," that we have specific expectations of you in those areas. Only where such experience is relevant, e.g., you plan to become a teacher of mathematics or to live in Lotus Land for an endless summer, will it be commented on in our letters.

Please note two further points:

  1. Faculty members in the Department would like to speak to you personally about your career plans and alternatives, even though we will have your written comments available to us. So please plan to see us individually about your recommendation and about career plans.
  2. When you request the Career Center to send us the recommendation forms, they will ask you to indicate what your interests are: a position in business, graduate work in law, an MBA program, etc. If you are the least bit uncertain, indicate all career interests you may have, partly because most of us will write a somewhat different letter for "a position in business" than for "graduate study in economics," and partly because your plans may change after you have left Carleton and it would be desirable, therefore, to have a number of different letters on file.

Please fill out the below questionnaire promptly, responding to each question clearly.

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