Preparing Recommendation Letters for Economics Majors


Most of you will soon be looking to have Department members write letters of recommendation for graduate schools, government agencies, business firms, or other employers. So that we can do this and do it well we need some help from you.

First, we must have you fill out a consent form allowing us to share what we know about you with the recipients you’ve designated.  Without this consent, none of us are allowed to write a letter for you.  Second, most recipients of recommendation letters do not take those letters seriously if you retain the right to read the letter.  So, we ask you to sign a waiver in which you give up the right to review the resulting letter.  You can find both the consent form and the waiver in the file linked to the right.  

In addition, it will make our job much easier, and it will also make your letter of recommendation much more effective, if we have some information about you.  Plan well in advance to meet with faculty members in the Department about your recommendation and career plans.

The Economics Department Faculty