Working Papers Series

No. 2004-01 - by Nathan D. Grawe and Jenny B. Wahl (Revised April 2007)
Blacks, Whites, and Brown: Effects on the Earnings of Men and Their Sons
Newer version published in Journal of African American Studies, 13(4): 455-475.

No. 2005-01 - by Mark Kanazawa
Immigration, Exclusion, and Taxation: Anti-Chinese Legislation in Gold Rush California

No. 2005-02 - by Mark Kanazawa
Investment in Private Water Development: Property Rights and Contractual Opportunism during the California Gold Rush

No. 2005-03 - by Mark Kanazawa
The Extralegal Origins of First Possession: Water Law during the California Gold Rush

No. 2005-04 - by Jenny B. Wahl (Revised July 2008)
Edith Wharton as Economist: An Economic Interpretation of The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence

No. 2005-05 - by Nathan D. Grawe
Be Fruitful and Multiply: Religious Denomination as Instrumental Variable in Estimates of Family Size Effects

No. 2005-06 - by Nathan D. Grawe
Family Size and Child Achievement
Newer version published in John Creedy and Guyonne Kalb, eds. Research on Economic Inequality, Vol. 13. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

No. 2005-07 - by Nathan D. Grawe
Do Credit Constraints Explain Family Size Effects? Tests Based on Bequest Receipt and Family Earnings
Newer version in Economic Inquiry, 48(1): 156-162.

No. 2005-08 - by Nathan D. Grawe
The Quality-Quantity Trade-Off in Fertility across Parent Earnings Levels: A Test for Credit Market Failure
Newer version in Review of Economics of the Household, March 2008, 6(1): 29-45.

No. 2007-01 - by Mark Kanazawa
Taxation with(?) Representation: The Political Economy of Public Finance in Early California

No. 2007-02 - by Meherun Ahmed and Kazi Iqbal
Is There Any Threshold in Mother's Education and Child Health Relationship? Evidence from Nigeria

No. 2008-01 - by Jenny B. Wahl
Residential Segregation and Labor-Market Outcomes: The Importance of Race, Gender, and Marital Status

No. 2009-01 - by Jenny B. Wahl
Dred, Panic, War: How a Slave Case Triggered Financial Crisis and Disunion

No. 2009-02 - by Meherun Ahmed
Added Worker Effect Revisited: The "Aubry's Law" in France as a Natural Experiment

No. 2009-03 - by Meherun Ahmed and Kazi Iqbal
Disaster and Decentralization