Electronic Portfolios

PortfolioTemplate - This link downloads a folder called "template" to your desktop. Double-click on the folder and it "unzips" a whole series of files for you to use in creating the various components of your portfolio. To complete the elements of your personal ePortfolio you will need to use an HTML editor or a web browser that has HTML editing capability, usually Netscape or Mozilla.

  1. Open Mozilla/Netscape.
  2. From the Windows menu, select Composer.
  3. From the File menu, select Open File...and then navigate to index.htm in the Template folder to fill in your name and email address. Save.
  4. Select subsequent .htm files and complete as desired, maintaining the same filenames when you save.
  5. Return to Navigator mode from the Windows menu to view the file as it will appear on the Web. If you have kept the same filenames, the various files should link with one another.

For examples:

Youman's portfolio

Matykowski's portfolio

Jennerjohn's portfolio

For an alternative: