Minors and Concentrators

The college made the change from concentration to minor in the fall of 2017. The graduating class of 2018 will be the first class to receive a minor. A minor in educational studies at Carleton is an integrated interdisciplinary program which students may elect in addition their major. Prior to the class of 2018, students completed a concentration and are listed below—some of these students (*) also completed teaching licensure (see separate list of licenses awarded).


Mary Baumgartner, Political Science
Adriana Castillo, American Studies
Avery Cheng, Biology
Emily Culver, Sociology and Anthropology
Katie Eppard, Psychology
Rebecca Fairchild, Biology
Anna Flitner, Psychology
Madeline Garcia, Studio Art
Camille Gordon, Economics
Vanessa Martinez-Hernandez, Psychology
Maya Okamoto, Psychology
Lillian Schneyer, Sociology and Anthropology
Molly Steinberg, Sociology and Anthropology


Gaby Bosquez, Latin American Studies
Jocelene Caballero, Psychology
Katie Ciaglo, English
Michael Happ, Political Science
Jessi Jacobsen, Cognitive Science
Tori Jones, Political Science
Su Kim, Political Science
Joshua Kwan, Psychology
Acer Pahukoa, Psychology
Zoe Peterson, Computer Science, Math
Calvin Phan, Chemistry
Sacha Phillips, Environmental Studies
Connor Rohwer, English
Dylan Saline, Chemistry
Peter Sang, Political Science
Erick Sirisoukh, Psychology
Tiffany Thet, Political Science
Ankita Verma, Sociology/Anthropology

Alex Auyeung, Cognitive Science
Elika Beck, Political Science
Katie Casados, Physics
Alex Chang, Philosophy
Abby Easton, American Studies
Libby Ferris, Sociology and Anthropology
Caitlin Gardner, Sociology and Anthropology
Kathleen George, English
Lee Gonzalez, African American Studies
Sam Hayward, Psychology
Brandon Marks, Psychology
Madison McBride*, History
Hannah Nayowith, Sociology and Anthropology
Gaby Olvera, Political Science
Sami Saltzman, English
Lia Seraydarian, Cinema and Media Studies
Dana Spencer, Linguistics
Sarah Tan, Theater

Sara Brooks, Studio Art
Louis Cohen, Biology
Sonja Dangler, Spanish
Charlie Gillmer, American Studies
Callie Gonyea, History
Anthony Harb, Spanish
Meg Hine, Psychology
Stacey Johnson, Psychology
Celia Mattison, History
Yer Moua, Psychology
Colby Seyferth, Computer Science
Ia Vang, American Studies
Thess Walcott, Psychology

Anschel Burk, Sociology/Anthropology
Polly Durant, Psychology
Henry Edelstein, Political Science
Dylan Holck, History
Becky Katz, Japanese
Eva Kostyu, Sociology/Anthropology
Jake Meyers, Psychology
Daniel Motta, Psychology
Lucinda Robinson, Math
Jukie Tsai, Psychology
Mo Vue, Sociology/Anthropology
Winona Weindling, Political Science
Holly Wickham, Cinema and Media Studies
Aly Wisekal, Cognitive Science
Kia Yang, Psychology
Maribel Zagal, Sociology/Anthropology

Holly Abel, Theater Arts
Monica Fleisher, English
Ned Heckman*, Biology
Daria Kieffer, Sociology/Anthropology
Morgan Murphy, Political Science
Raymond Ngu, Sociology/Anthropology
Anne Richardson*, American Studies
Anna Steedman*, French
Alex Voorhees, Computer Science

Casey Andree, Music
Megan Braddock, Sociology/Anthropology, Women's & Gender Studies
Hannah Button-Harrison, Music
Joseph Decker, English
Mouhamadou Diagne, Psychology, Cross-Cultural Studies
Rebecca Feldman, Psychology
Tina Hahn, Psychology
Rachel Kittaka, American Studies
Jesse Pittman, American Studies
Ally Shaw, Psychology
David Steefel-Moore, Psychology

Lisa Ayala, Political Science
Lia Bendix, French and Francophone Studies
Jasmine Boudah, American Studies
Brendan Cassidy, Computer Science
Kathryn Derrah, American Studies
Kelley England, American Studies
Quishaun Moore, Psychology
Hannah Nerenhausen, American Studies
Meagan Nishi, Studio Art
Carrie Paulette, Sociology/Anthropology
Shakita Thomas, Sociology/Anthropology

Rose Chahla, Psychology
Jasmin Cotton, American Stuides
Irene Dennison, Psychology
Arianna Kiener, American Studies
Abigail Malis, Religion
Tsongfw Moua, American Studies
Lauren Nakamura, History
Joanna Plotz, American Studies
Katherine Reed, History
Nicole Reich, Psychology
Martta Sareva, Sociology/Anthropology

Lucy Baquero, Psychology
Eliza Berry, History
Christi Conkling, American Studies
Jennifer Cotton, American Studies
Juliet Dana*, American Studies
Amanda DeBoer*, Psychology
Andrea Duron, Sociology/Anthropology
David Hecht, Political Science/International Relations
Sarah Lampen, Art History
Mariko Long, Japanese
Emily Maland, American Studies
Yael Mayer, Psychology
Laura Myers, Psychology
Arata Niizuma, Economics
Raymonda Reese, African American Studies
Nathan Stephens, Sociology/Anthropology
Valerie Vazquez, Spanish
Brandon Walker, History

Rhemi Abrams-Fuller, Japanese
Abigail Baum, American Studies
Caroline DeBacker, Studio Art
Samantha Flynn, English
Jedda Foreman, Psychology
Sierra Hicks, Sociology/Anthropology
Caroline Hurd, Chemistry
Kelley Johnson, Psychology
Rebecca Leichtling, American Studies
Eleni Schirmer, American Studies
Celia Segel, Religion
Lily Thiboutot, Mathematics
See Yang, American Studies

Alyssa Anderson*, Art History
Helen Behr, Psychology
Laura Coscarelli, German
Rebecca Craig, Psychology
Lauren Freeze, English
Molly Klane*, American Studies
Rich Majerus, Sociology/Anthropology
Cliff Swanson, Geology

Rivka Burstein-Stern: Political Science
Rebecca Eyster: Psychology
Daniel Jarashow: Sociology/Anthropology
Sara Jennerjohn*: English
Sheena Thao: Psychology
Amy Trieu: Sociology/Anthropology
Thomas Weinrich: History
Margaret Youmans*: American Studies

Lauren Cochard: Art History
Sarah Fischer: American Studies
Kathryn Freeman: Chemistry
Joy Friedman: American Studies
Katie Goetz: History
Kelly Grucelski: American Studies
Graham Hough-Cornwell: American Studies
Maggie Kaiser: American Studies
Chrissy Lee: Studio Art
Anna Maier: Psychology
Emily Meisler: Theatre Arts
Emily Schultz: Political Science
Erin Sterling: Psychology

Kristen M. Hummel: Mathematics
Alison D. Traffanstedt: American Studies

Erin DeRemer: American Studies
Amanda Hopkins: Mathematics
Kate Kennedy: Sociology/Anthropology
Karissa Kramer: American Studies
Justin Schoolmaster: Music
Cara Sylvester: Psychology

Carmen Ellis: American Studies
Benjamin Fehsenfeld: English
Foua Hang: American Studies
Ralph Hosoki: Sociology/Anthropology
Emily M. Johnson: Religion
Collin Lawrence: American Studies
Nathaniel Lemke: English
Akiko Nakano: Political Science
Robert von Glahn*: History

Jonas U. Cartano: Music
Julia Weese Gardner: Studio Art
Kelly Hallberg: Political Science
Jennifer Carol Johnson: African American Studies
Jamie Mueller: American Studies
Andrean L. Nguyen: American Studies

Krista Caner*: Mathematics
Liselda J Fabian: American Studies
Kimberly Hanson: Sociology/Anthropology
Reginald B Hobbs: Biology
Claire E Lasher: Mathematics
Robin Polson*: Psychology
Jill Torrey*: English

Laurie Brumm: Sociology/Anthropology
Jonathan Chein: Sociology/Anthropology
Naomi Dietzel: Psychology
Jamie Foehl: Psychology
Matthew Kim: History
Leema Kuhn: Computer Science
Ryan Lodge: History
Michelle Milstein: Spanish
Jason Rancatore: Philosophy
Sarah Yarian:Psychology
Junghye Margaret Yoo: Pscyhology

Cassie Aronberg*: Mathematics
Michael (Skye) Flanagan: Political Science
Amy Luckner: Psychology
Margretta Melsted*: History
Samuel Richardson: Psychology
Jennifer Sauter: American Studies

Annarie C Buxman: Studio Art
Erin E Fyfe: American Studies
Catherine Korda: American Studies
William I Longbrake: Psychology
Kevin Navarro: Psychology
Cara S. Nine: Philosophy
Sarah Roma: Psychology
Jeffrey A Snyder: Psychology

Carolyn Clow: Spanish
Renea Hoff: English
Meghan McCarthy: French
Sonya Neville: American Studies
Elizabeth Nybakken: Psychology
Stacey Pelika: American Studies
Sarah Perry: American Studies
Jessica Sauer: Chemistry

Rebecca Igo: English
Anne Marie Mas: Psychology
Tane U. Ross: Art
Roman Strutynski: Psychology
Jessica Thornton: Psychology

Ann Brockenbrough: American Studies
Kimberly Cassano: Sociology/Anthropology
Angela Davis: American Studies
Gillian English: Psychology
Sandra Herrera: Psychology
Camille Johnson: Psychology
Dana Peterson: Psychology
Michelle Winn: English

Katherine Bainbridge*:English
Deborah Berland: Psychology
Colm Davis: Religion
Michael G. Davis: Political Science
Paula Henning: Sociology/Anthropology
Miriam Kass: Religion
Janet Lantry: Psychology
Therese Picard: American Studies
Nicholas Torres: Psychology

Thomas Bell*: English
Manu Bhagavan: History
Paul Blomgren: Economics
Elizabeth Breimyer: Psychology
Jennifer McGregor: Psychology
Chris Navia: Political Science
Barbara Rider: Mathematics
Katherine Seiden: Psychology
Christopher Sheldon: Political Science
Kathleen Thomas: Psychology
Amy Wilson: Psychology