Teachers Licensed

The following young people have licensed to teach through the Carleton licensure program since 1990. Some of these students (*) also completed the educational studies minor (or concentration prior to 2018) (see separate list of of minors and concentrations awarded). The year shown is the year of recommendation for licensure and is not necessarily the year of graduation from Carleton.

Ellen Carter, Communication Arts
Kevin Doyle, Social Studies
Emma Nicosia, Social Studies
Zara Pylvainen, Communication Arts
Emily Thomas, Social Studies

Justin Grossman, Social Studies
*Madison McBride, Social Studies
Jacob Spear, Math

Andry DeJong, Communication Arts
Annie Flynn, Art
Corina Perez, Life Science
Alex Polk, Chemistry
Natalie Reinhart, Social Studies

Alexis Ervin, French
Gena Roisum, Social Studies
Kailey Schumacher, Communication Arts

*Ned Heckman, Life Science
Laura Henry, Social Studies
Sam Kavanaugh, Social Studies
*Anne Richardson, Social Studies
Sophie Rouhandeh, Communication Arts
*Anna Steedman, French
Rachel White, Communication Arts

Jimmy Dreese, Communication Arts
Lief Esbenshade, Social Studies
Jill Merkle, Social Studies                                                                                                                                                 

Claire Bansberg, Communication Arts
Sally Larkins, Communication Arts
Sarah Prather, Social Studies
Richard Scheele, Social Studies

Daniel Bernal, Mathematics

Elizabeth Bonawitz, Social Studies
*Juliet Dana, Social Studies
*Amanda DeBoer, Spanish
Lisa Gaetjens, Spanish
Amber Hollenbeck, German
Ryan Oto, Social Studies
Jake Riss, Social Studies

Ashley Chavez, Communication Arts
Joy Esboldt, Spanish
Rafael Estrella, Visual Arts
Heather LaChapelle, Social Studies
Adam Rudebusch, Communication Arts
Melissa Schwartau, Mathematics

*Alyssa Anderson, Spanish
Libby Gilless, Spanish
*Molly Klane, Social Studies
Schuyler Vogel, Social Studies
Sarina Yospin, Earth Sciences

Lauren Braunohler, Communication Arts
Heather Jackson, Social Studies
*Sara Jennerjohn, Communication Arts
Anna Matykowski, Communication Arts
Margi Youmans, Social Studies

Andrea Barbera, French
Maria Bucio, Spanish
Jessica Deutsch, Communication Arts
Sam Leichtling, Social Studies
Andrew Lum, Visual Arts
Brian Swann, Social Studies
Alessandra Vitrella, Social Studies

Alan Cochran-Bond, Mathematics
Mac Henry, Social Studies
Matthew Jabaily, Communication Arts
Jay Plasman, Social Studies

Alicia Donald, Social Studies
*Collin Lawrence, Social Studies
*Robert von Glahn, Social Studies


Melissa Hall, Earth and General Science
Erin Henderson, Social Studies
Carolyn Ocampo, Physics
Gregory S. Rhodes, Life and General Science
Elizabeth Sudmeier, Social Studies

Melissa Griffin, Visual Art
Ricardo Herrera, Social Studies
Dorothy Lentz, Mathematics
Troy N. Midboe, Social Studies
Andrean Nguyen, Social Studies
Jill Pearson, French

*Krista Caner, Mathematics
Peter Hill, Social Studies
Anne Leone, English
Anne Loch, English
Emily Montgomery, English
David Myers, Social Studies
*Robin Polson, Social Studies
*Jill Torrey, English
Samuel Wold, Social Studies

Gretchen Lietz, Mathematics
Gladys Lomeli, Spanish
Katherine Mattessich, Social Studies
Sarah Parker, Social Studies
Michael Turpin, Social Studies

*Cassie Aronberg, Mathematics
Elena Contreras, Mathematics
Brian Geyer, Mathematics
*Margretta Melsted, Social Studies
David Yerkes, English/Spanish

Jessica Dockter, English
Andrew E. Johnson, Social Studies
Rachel Malchow, English
April Patterson, French
Michael Steel, Social Studies
Kevin Steinman, English

Tia Dole, Social Studies
Rachel Hoffelt, Mathematics
Jennifer Keeley, Social Studies
Ge Vue, Social Studies

Kaberi Banerjee, Social Studies
Claire Miller Drabek, French
Julie Fiorelli, English
Margaret Hoyt, Physical Science
John P. Keller, French
Douglas P. Kennedy, Social Studies
Scott Daniel Kusch, Social Studies
Julie T. Minikel, Spanish
Abigail Traktman, Social Studies

Kerry Bellingham, English
Erik Brooks, Art
Jennifer Budenski, English
Mikola DeRoo, English
Sean Foley, Mathematics
Dana Knauf, Spanish/French
Gerrick Monroe, English
Shevaun Nelson, Life Science
Randall Niemie, Mathematics
Elizabeth S. Thompson, English

*Katherine Bainbridge, English
Katherine Baker, English
Ruth Day, Mathematics
Jill Geffer, English
Abigail Gillmor, Social Studies
Scott Hanks, Mathematics
William Kemper, Physical Science
Christopher Lochstet, Mathematics
Maria Panfil, Earth Science
Jon Schmidt, Social Studies

Patrick Alexander, Social Studies
*Thomas Bell, English
Denise Denk, Life Science
Erik Gearhart, Social Studies
Kristin A. Johnson, Social Studies
Wendy Keyser, English
Don Perkins, Social Studies
Joanna Lee Johnson Reeves '68, Social Studies
Stephen Taylor, Social Studies
Vickie Trinder, Social Studies
Valerie A. Weiss, Life Science

Elizabeth Andrew, English
John L. Bonnes, Mathematics
Holly Bowen, English
Lourdes Cornejo, Spanish
Rosario Dominguez, Social Studies
Peter Grauff, Mathematics
Matthew Guritz, Social Studies
Hammer, Mary, Spanish
Christine Levin, Art
Sarah Swift, English
Scott D. Wilton, English

Sydney Aakhus, English
Julie Alonzo, English
Jovita Baber, Social Studies
Christopher Bates, English
Carolyn Ferguson, Life Science
Laura Gilliam, English
Regina Guggenheim, English
Michael Kaluza, German
Allison Keeley, Social Studies
Thomas Kohn, English
Steven Maack, English
Linda Mazanec,'69, English
Kirsten McLagan, Social Studies
Branden Schield, Social Studies
Kate Virgil, Social Studies