Educational Studies Concentration (EDUC)
Coordinator: Associate Professor Anita Chikkatur

The Educational Studies Concentration provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of education as an individual pursuit, an institutional venture, and a societal imperative. The concentration aims to develop thoughtful, skillful and imaginative students of the psychology, social and cultural history, and politics of education. Students will pursue the study of education as a liberal art, one that both reveals the constraints of socialization and informs alternative visions of self and community. The concentration is appropriate for students of all majors interested in the stewardship of education as a cornerstone of democracy.

Requirements for the Concentration
All students will be required to take a minimum of seven courses: three core courses, three supporting courses and a senior seminar. Students interested in the concentration are advised to begin their study during their sophomore year.

Core Courses

EDUC 110 Introduction to Educational Studies (sophomore priority)
EDUC 234 Educational Psychology
EDUC 338 Multicultural Education
EDUC 395 Senior Seminar (spring term)

Supporting Courses: Select one course from each of the three clusters; these courses must be from three different departments. The list below is not an exhaustive one. Please check the appropriate department pages for course descriptions and prerequisites and when courses are offered.  We can neither control nor predict when courses from other departments are offered. If you have difficulty enrolling in a course for a particular cluster, please see the concentration coordinator to discuss other courses that might fulfill the requirement.

Cluster I (Learning, Cognition and Development)
The purpose of this cluster is to provide additional perspective about how K-12 students develop physically, cognitively, and socially.  This cluster builds on the background knowledge provided by the core course, Educational Psychology.

CCST 100 Growing up Cross-culturally
CGSC 130 An Introduction to Cognitive Science
CGSC 232 Cognitive Processes
CGSC 236 Thinking, Reasoning, and Decision-Making
CGSC 380 Cog Development During the Preschool Yrs.
CGSC 385 Cog Development in Middle Childhood
CGSC 386 Adolescent Cognitive Development
EDUC 344 Teenage Wasteland
PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 258 Social Cognition
PSYC 366 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 398 Cognitive and Developmental Psychology

Cluster II (Social and cultural context of schooling in a diverse society)
The purpose of this cluster is to provide an in-depth understanding of the broader historical, social, and cultural context in which U.S. educational institutions are located.  This cluster builds on the background knowledge provided by the core courses, Introduction to Education Studies and Multicultural Education.

AMST 115 Intro to AMST: The Immigrant Experience
AMST 115 Intro to AMST: Placing Identities
EDUC 340 Race, Immigration and Urban Schools
HIST 122 U.S. Women's History to 1877
HIST 123 U.S. Women's History Since 1877
HIST 125/126 African American History I/II
HIST 219 Is Obama Black?: Am. Mixed Race History
HIST 228 History of U.S. Civil Rights and Black Power
HIST 229 Working with Gender in U.S. History
IDSC 100 Let's Talk About Race
IDSC 203 Talking About Diversity
POSC 122 Politics in America: liberty and equality
PSYC 384 Psychology of Prejudice
RELG 140 Religion and American Culture
SOAN 114 Modern Families: Intro to Sociology of Family
SOAN 218 Asians in the United States
SOAN 226 Anthropology of Gender
SOAN 227 Masculinity, Gender and Difference
SOAN 259 Comparative issues in Native North America
SOAN 272 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
SOAN 283 Immigration/Immigrants in Europe and U.S
SOAN 350 Diversity and Democracy in America
WGST 110 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Cluster III (Public policy and educational reform)
The purpose of this cluster is to explore the public policy contexts, issues and questions that are most relevant to educational policymaking and school reform.  This cluster builds on the background knowledge provided by the core course, Introduction to Education Studies

ECON 246 Economics of Welfare
ECON 270 Economics of the public sector
EDUC 100 Will this be on the Test? Standardized Testing and American Education
EDUC 225 Issues in Urban Education
EDUC 245 History of American School Reform
EDUC 250 Fixing Schools
EDUC 353 Schooling and Opportunity in Am. Society
POSC 201 National Policymaking
POSC 218 Schools, scholarship and policy
POSC 338 Politics of Inequality and Poverty
SOAN 115 Inequality in American Society

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