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Oct 13

Immigrant Youth's Political Activism under the Law

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AMST Presents, Kevin Escudero, for a public guest lecture

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
4:30 – 5:30 pm / Zoom Meeting
Kevin Escudero poster
Kevin Escudero Brown University

Organizing While Undocumented: Immigrant Youth's Political Activism under the Law

Kevin Escudero (PhD, UC Berkeley; MSL, Yale Law School) is an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies and affiliated faculty member in the Department of Sociology, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Population Studies Training Center at Brown University. Professor Escudero's research and teaching interests include immigration and citizenship; comparative racial and ethnic studies; indigenous studies; social movements; and law. His book, Organizing While Undocumented (NYU Press, 2020) examines undocumented Asian, Latinx, queer, and formerly undocumented activists' strategic use of an intersectional movement identity. The book draws on more than five years of ethnographic fieldwork and in-depth interviews conducted with immigrant rights activists in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.

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Sponsored by American Studies Events. Contact: Lisa Falconer