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Professor Myron Orfield presents "Segregation in Schools and Housing in the Twin Cities"

February 10, 2012

Professor Myron Orfield spoke to a standing room only crowd yesterday. His talk: "Segregation in Schools and Housing in the Twin Cities" illustrated the alarmingly dangerous trends of continued segregation in schools and housing along racial and class divides in the Twin Cities, how these trends relate to nation-wide trends, and possible solutions for communities and school districts. Professor Orfield’s work over the past two decades exemplifies the kind of interdisciplinary research and analysis that is valued at Carleton College.

Professor Orfield is the Executive Director of the Institute on Race and Poverty at the University of Minnesota Law School; an Affiliate Member of the graduate faculty in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, also at the University of Minnesota; a Professor of Law at the University of MN law school; and a non-resident senior fellow, the Brooking Institution in Washington DC.

Professor Orfield has written extensively about a range of topics, including civil rights, land use, state and local finance, questions of regional governance, and the legislative process. In addition to his impressive body of research and scholarship, Professor Orfield has served as five terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives and one term in the State Senate. He also served as a Special Assistant Attorney General of Minnesota in the Solicitor General’s Division.

Myron Orfield 

Myron Orfield