The Carleton English Department sponsors a number of events during the course of the academic year. Everyone is welcome to attend the readings, lectures, and other presentations that are described below.

Oct 1

Janine Barchas, Schuster Lecture on "Jane Austen between the Covers"

Professor Janine Barchas (UT Austin) will speak on "Jane Austen between the Covers."

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
4:00 – 5:00 pm / The Athenaeum, Gould Library
Janine Barchas Poster

“Jane Austen between the Covers”

 A historian of graphic design in the early novel as well as a scholar of Jane Austen, Professor Janine Barchas takes us on a visual tour through the history of the Jane Austen book cover, from 1833 to now.  Timed to coincide with Austen's current bicentennial celebrations and our own library's exhibit about 200 years of Pride and Prejudice (1813), Professor Barchas will track roughly two centuries of Austen covers.  During the 1830s, publishers first began to sell ready-bound books in sturdy no-nonsense cloth bindings. With the advent of these so-called publishers’ bindings, book covers transformed into marketing canvas.  Barchas will lead us through the surprising history of the Austen cover—from Victorian schmaltz to Kindle-era nudity—speculating about what such an extraordinary range of marketing strategies tells us about the shifting cultural opinion of Austen and her work.

Link to Barchas's NYTimes article on Austen covers


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